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Hi everyone, My husband recently got diagnosed with MS. On doing research I was left with very little comfort, so I decided that I would start a blog of my own, in hope I could help/inspire others to do the same. Getting my feelings down has been a great help to me, I posted the link on Facebook & was greeted with an astounding amount of support. My husband suggested that I also post it on the forum. Thank you for taking the time to read our story Debbie x

Hi Debbie. I`m glad you have found this site.

People here understand what you are going through.

My hubby is my main carer, but I also have 3 others.

Being a carer is tiring and sometimes goes unnoticed. The carers allowance benefit is a joke!

My hubby lost his when he went 65 last year…has he stopped caring for me…of course not!

luv Pollx

Hi Debbie, I have MS and my hubby is my carer, but I still look at him as my hubby. Having said that he does an awful lot for me and it’s not easy for him as there is no way he can fully understand what it is like. So I applaud you he will need you very much. Remember to look after yourself, that’s important. Janet x