oh dear!

Afternoon all you lovely carers.

im prompted to write this post, as I have just read a new post about someones very poorly mum. Then i read the replies from carers who struggle to cope in unbelievably difficult situations.

There were tones of guilt, regret and sheer hopelessness from carers who truly love their partners, but see no light in the gloom of severe illness.

I am the cared for one in our house. I don`t have a dx, but have lived with PPMS like symptoms for 14 years. I am heavily dependent on my hubby, but we have 3 other carers too, who make such a difference to our lives.

It is particularly sad when families with young children are affected by the ravages of MS like conditions.

The real reason Im posting this, is just to say a huge thankyou to people like you. Please dont feel guilty for airing your innermost thoughts. You have to let off steam somewhere and this just could be the best place to do it.

Being a carer must take the patience, strength and dedication of the strongest saint ever.

Thankyou from the bottom of my heart.

luv Pollxx

What a lovely post.

Well said Poll, hope you’re doing OK xx

Maybe that’s it - in most cases we are appreciated by everyone EXCEPT the person we look after - that’s hard! I never wanted to be deemed as some sort of saint - just want to be treated better for TRYING to do my best#


This is exactly the reason I posted this thread. Remember the old song You always hurt the lone you love, the one you shouldnt hurt at all`.

Those cared for struggle daily too, but in the end we`d be totally lost without those who look after us.

much luv Pollxx

Hi hunny, thanks for your response. Im doing ok ta. Bowels giving me the runaround!! Ill cope…with help from my carers.

luv Pollx