thankyou to all our wonderful carers

Just feeling my way round the new system. saw just 2 posts on this particular board, so thought Id help make it look busier...hope no-one minds! Ive been cared for since 1999, by my hubby. I have a 95% dx of PPMS. This thing has happened to both of us! Times have been very difficult, as I know youll all appreciate. We recently applied for Direct Payments and I got 8 hours a week paid care. Hubby was dead against this, but I knew it was necessary, as he has rheumatoid arthritis and can be really painful at times for him. Ive had 2 respite stays and am due another in December. Hubby was anti this too, initially. Now he asks when Im going again! He sees his role as my provider, protector and guardian. This is still true, but there is nothing wrong with accepting a bit of outside help. You carers do a marvelous, selfless job and deserve a break too! So, if any of your carees suggest doing what weve done, do give it some thought, eh? You know you`re worth it! luv Pollx

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