Hi everyone first time user I have been caring for my partner now for over 8 years and its been so difficult to watch the one you love and the person that has been you rock for over 17 years just deteriorate in front of your eyes, this last year has been the worst so far, her speech has now been affected which has been hard to deal with as we would talk about anything and everything. I am now getting some help from carers and DN’s and this has been a godsend, its so difficult to deal with it on you own as over the last year it has affected me to the point of a near breakdown. We take each day as it comes and look forward to the good parts and deal with the not so good and think positive and never say not bad if someone asks how we are doing. :ugeek:

Hello, I’m from Lincoln and been caring for my husband for 15 years, and more so the last 5 years as the ms has become more advanced and he now needs full time care. I understand how you feel and it’s so hard to watch anyone deteriorate never mind the one you love. Nothing I can say to make you feel any better unfortunately, only that you’re not on your own and there are others feeling the same way even though you sometimes feel you are the only one in world going through it. Take care :slight_smile:

Hi, just wanted to say what a wonderfully caring person you are! I am the caree and my hubby has looked after me for years. we recently got some outside help in the form of 2 PAs, paid for by Direct Payments. it took 3 years to convince hubby we would both benefit from extra help. It is working very well and we`re glad we went for it. Thankyou to you and all the carers who make our lives livable. luv Pollx