Partner of someone with MS

Ive never been on a forum before, this is a first for me.
I am a carer to my husband who has had MS for over 25 years, we’ve had difficult times with his condition but tried to get on with life the best we can. While caring for him i also was carer for both my parents, sadly they both passed away last year. Last September my 31 year daughter was diagnosed with MS. My husband’s MS has gone from RR ms to SP ms, and at our last appointment with our nurse the conversation involving discussing, wheelchairs hoists and ramps around our property. Something he found so hard to take. All of a sudden i feel absolutely desperate and alone, I’m overwhelmed with what the future holds, can’t stop crying. We live out in the country in a small village, and nx to a neighbour who takes grest delight is mocking my husbands disability, only this weekend, in his earshot said to her family in their garden my husband was mentally as well as physically sick and how much she loves making his life hell. Ive not been able to eat since then, i won’t leave the house, how can people be so cruel and enjoy it.
I do hope i can find a community here to keep me going.

Hi Sue
If you believe in karma, I’m sure your neighbour will get hers…

Just remember that the rest of the world doesn’t think like her. Easy to say, but rise above it. And us lot definitely aren’t like that :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Oh Sue look after yourself your husband needs you. It’s not easy thinking about the future and you’re more than entitled to a good cry but like Graeme says your neighbour will get their comeuppance sooner or later. Hold your head up knowing you’re doing your best. I feel for you caring for your husband and you must be thinking is this what my daughters future holds. All I can do is send you a hug and say stay strong and wish you luck.

OMG, what a terrible person your neighbour is, yes karma, it will happen and hopefully soon. You try and stay strong, hold your head high, you’ve nothing to feel bad about, its you neighbour that does, sending you BIG ((((((HUGS))))))

We’re definitely here for you. Keep strong and look for the rainbow. Sending lots of love and hugs.

I am so sorry to hear this. Your family has suffered from dreadful bad luck with health - I am so sorry that you have the petty cruelties of nasty neighbours to deal with on top of it all.

Thank you to everybody who took the time to reply to me, you have no idea how much your kind words and virtual hugs mean to me. I will not let that nasty woman get the better of me thanks to you. I have more important things to cope with looking after my husband and now supporting my daughter in their MS journey.

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Good on ya :+1: :+1: all the best to you and your family.

Any time your neighbour upsets you, you just remember you have a whole community here fighting your corner and have a wee chuckle to yourself. I suspect they don’t have many people backing them.

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