Partner with ms

My partner was dianosged with ms a year ago, at the time we weren’t in a relationship but now are and have been pretty much since she found out. Until now things have been great…but a year into the relationship I have gone into blind panic, scared of her losing her mind, legs, arms, eyes, practically anything that moves. I want to believe I will always be there whatever happens, but part of me is uncertain if I could cope if things deteriorated. Is there anyone else out there in the same position?

it is hard at times being with a partner with m.s. lve been with my partner for over a year and even in that time lve seen him change. l feel at times l cant tell him how lm feeling as it will stress him and l worry it will make him worse.

Hi there,

My hubby was diagnosed in 2003 and it has been a slow progression for him but in the last year his hands have severe tremors which makes eating very difficult. We now have a carer 1 hour a day to help feed him as it would be difficult himself.

I think the worst of it is if you work and taking time off to be with a sick loved one is not always easy. I have just had to take a week off work as Annual leave while my hubby was rushed by ambulance to hospital. As it is an unpredictable illness you hope and pray that you don’t have too many of these episodes.

I would love to know how others cope when they work and what do they do.




I have only just read your post; it’s lovely!

Your age is irrelevant.

You are clearly a very loving, caring person and are wise for your years.

I wish you both well for the future.

Clare x

I was diagnosed with ms in 1990 my husband is one in a million very very caring but I had a bad fall three years ago and broke both my arms, after spending 3 months in hospital my ms deteriated significantly and my husband is now very short tempered with me, he won’t accept any help with house work ironing etc, he works very hard and he refuses any offers of help, I don’t know what to do.