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Hi there

I am new to the site. I have a partner who has MS (not officially diagnosed) so he fits into that category where he suffers with MS symptoms but does not have the label.

My partner has been having symptoms since 2011 and most of the time I can cope.

Just recently I am having trouble coping and as we are due to get married this year, the stress levels have doubled.

It would be good to know I am not alone and their are people out there who are going through this as well. Its very difficult to talk to friends and family as they don’t always understand.

Hi Anon,

Just been looking through the furum, are you ok? Has things been a littleeasy or are things still the small ?

If you need to chat, and a man’s point of view, send us amessage, ok. Andy

Hi, just wondered how your getting on ?

Hope you and your partner are ok and maybe it was a “panic” thing.

Thinking of you, Andy

Hi Anon, I read your post the other day and thought along the same lines as Andy then as you never replied I thought again. Is it the stress of the forth coming marriage or do you feel you won’t be able to cope with someone who has MS? There’s no denying it can be difficult (I know as I have MS) but my husband is brilliant. Please for your sake and his if you’re not sure end your relationship before you commit or it could Cause a lot of heartache if you go ahead with it for the wrong reason. If I am wrong then I apologise as I don’t mean to affend you. Janet x

Hi Guys

Thanks for your responses. The reason I didnt respond back to your posts was because my other half has now joined the site and is reading the forum !! I thought he would read my comments and realise it was me.

In answer to your questions, there is no way I would leave him now. I accepted his condition a while ago and I am fully committed to stand by him whatever happens, he knows that.

Things are improving a little. I try to take it day by day but sometimes its hard to see him suffer and there is nothing I can do to help.

I really appreciate your kind wishes.


Hello anon. I’m in the same exact situation you are in and feel the same way. I would never leave the love of my life for an illness brought on for unknown reasons …i applaud you and am happy for your up coming marriage stay strong and positive…both of you