If you could invent any tech...

Hi all

I am giving a presentation in a few weeks on digital technology and MS. I really want to know more from you about what technology or use of data could make all the difference to you.

So, I would love your thoughts on:

  • How do you think technology could change your treatment, care and support for the better?
  • Is there any sort of digital technology that you can’t believe doesn’t exist yet, that could improve MS treatment, care or support?
  • Is there anything about new technologies or use of data that makes you a little nervous?
  • What might help you feel more at ease?
  • What is the single piece of technology that has helped you the most already (examples could be new equipment like Amazon’s Alexa, a smartphone app, or a Fitbit or other “wearable”)?

Thank you


I think social forums like this are very helpful. They’re a good source of information from other people in similar situations and it’s very good to meet other people just to know we’re not alone in having to deal with our new lifestyle changes

Have you looked at, been in touch with AbilityNet? They could help with your question by telling you whats out there already.

Unfortunately digital tech won’t fix everything. In the age of “theres an app for that”, well actually there isn’t an app for a leaky bladder, or constant pain or shaky hands or legs that don’t work. As for inventing somat that doesn’t exist yet, wellllll if we knew what is was, someone would have invented it…bit chicken and egg that one.

Fitbit has given me a boost to do a bit more and keep track of my daily walking - when i’m feeling ok