Favourite Place to Holiday


Hope you are all enjoying the sunshine but managing to keep cool.

I am sat in the garden thinking about my favourite holiday.

I loved The Algarve in Portugal but since diagnosis we holiday in our caravan in Brean. Lovely! Especially as you can take your dog on the beach all year round.

What about you?

Shazzie x

Hiya Shazzie Italy is our favorite holiday spot, love Sorrento…my daughter got married there by the mayor. She’s divorced now but it was a lovely day lol :slight_smile: Now I would settle for a little bungalow with a garden to sit in :slight_smile: xx

Mexico, I simply love it. These days I can’t deal with the heat so I spend most of my time in the pool. The hotel I’m going to again this year has an infinity pool so I’ll be sat in there people watching, looking out to sea and watching the antics of everyone on the beach whilst staying cool. I’m not as mobile as I would like so don’t get out and about so much as I used to but I don’t care it’s just so relaxing. I go with a friend and usually we laugh from start to finish, mainly at her taking the P out of me but if you can’t laugh at yourself who can you laugh at. I’m also going to Eastbourne on a National Coach holiday in a couple of weeks with my mum, I’ve never been but she said its lovely and on the flat so getting about shouldn’t be a problem. Happy holidays everyone wherever you are going and if you don’t manage to get away for whatever reason try and enjoy our limited sunshine. BTW Shazzie my friend is a Shaz. Jan

Oh Noreen. I have a bungalow and a garden and I love it. Italy is nice.

And Jan I’ve never been to Mexico, sounds nice though.

I love hearing people laugh and I don’t mind at what, even me hehehe!!

Fancy you have a friend called Shaz. Sharon is too posh for me lol.

Shazzie xx

My friend gets Shazza mostly. I went to Portugal a couple of years ago with a gang of friends about twenty of us in all, some did a long weekend some did up to a week, we all had a great time. Never been to Italy would love to but it’s probably a bit too cultured for me, and Shazza, my holiday buddy just likes the sea, the beach and the pool lol I’m just glad I have someone to go on holiday with, it isn’t so easy when you’re single. Jan

Hi Jan, I just want to sya how lovely it was to read your reply. It made me smile, to think of you in that lovley infnity pool…people watching and laffing at yourself. Lovely, just lovely!


Thank you Polly very nice of you to say. We used to get Lillo’s for the pool but Shaz always had a performance getting on and if I tried now it would just turn into a farce. it really wouldn’t do to have a little accident in the pool while laughing uncontrollably. We are both In our fifties now and at least try for a little decorum! Jan x

hi shazzie

my fave place is crete. am lucky the heat doesnt affect me. regular users of board will know i had huge relapse there 2 years ago from which i have never recovered and turned my life upside down.

tho 4 weeks from now i hope to be there again in my 5* hotel with lifeguard and chef and laundry lady provided at hotel mum

ellie x

Hi Shazzie, I love Italy. Celebrated my 50th birthday in a restraunt in Bellagio overlooking Lake Como. Shame it was there that I had a problem with my legs and was dx 6 months later. Would love to go to Naples and Sorrento. My daughter was thinking of getting married in Postiano but decided she didn’t want to get married after all. She has a new boyfriend now so you never know. Mags xx

Off to Cyprus this summer. I love anywhere hot. Jamaica has to be my favourite so far. That was in the days when we were DINKYs though! Would love to try Sardinia at some point. Just have to hope the heat doesn’t start to affect me - lots of places on our bucket list for when the kids are older. What will our acronym be then I wonder…? SIKCLAT maybe!

Single I

ncome Kids Can Look After Themselves!

What’s DINKYs annelda? Curiosity’s got the better of me :slight_smile:

Dual income no kids I think

I can no longer get to our summer accommodation it’s down steps and on a wonderful Sandy beach. We have had it for nearly thirty years and its only a few hundred pounds a year.

Anyone guessed it’s a beach hut at Westbrook beach Margate I got down there last year on a sand wheelchair one with huge blow up tyres. I now sit on the prom talking to anyone who will listen and a lot of people who won’t. If no one is around I talk to stray dogs and even lamp posts.


i wanta go to Madagaska, but luv the Peak district, Scotland & Wales, when its not raining luv & miss my home of Buxton,but js got too cold!! so moved too Cyprus’ too many places still to see!!

Julien happy trails kidz,

Shazzie I used to have a touring caravan and my favourite holiday would have been ANYWHERE when we had it. Only ever did UK but had wonderful times. Kids still talk about them now. Don

Oh Don. I can just picture you talking to lampposts. I bet the stray dogs love you though.

Yes. We love our caravan. I can just sit there all day people watching (my favourite thing hehehe).

Caravans have always been a big part of out holidaying. Like you say, the kids enjoyed it too.

Shazzie x

Shadow we used to go away with three or four other families if those kids get together after half an hour catching up they revert to do you remember when! They were good time and even the stupidest thing can return you back in time. We have had tents caravans trailer tent and I even tried tent again one I could drive my scooter into.

I always talk to stray dogs doesn’t everyone?

Oh Jen

Gran Canaria is lovely too. We holidayed there just before d/x in 2001. Like you say I wondered why I felt so bad in the heat. Soon found out what that was all about. Good memories though.


My hubby and I have recently been to Lanzarote, really windy, which hid the sun for a lot of the time. I couldn’t cope with the heat, I went from having goose bumps when the sun went in and over heating when the sun came out. I ended up with prickly heat. I have never had that before, it was horrible. Next holiday is a camping in Wales, we go with a group of friends, that is the only reason I go it is such a laugh. Lou x

Austria is beautiful,can be very warm,we go to Cyprus to see hubby’s dad and wife when they decamp there fo winter,but having lived there more like going home than holiday,only so much to see and expensive since they got the euro. Italy is also one of my faves, went as a child and also as an adult by train,had to start at Paris,then on to Venice,Rome,Milan,Florence, Naples,Sorrento brilliant holiay. This was pre Eurostar,still trying to persuade hubby that it is just the best way to travel. Wouldn’t mind going back to Canada and seeing what I want to see,not just what my mother’s husband (Canadian, thinks you should see,which usually means he wants or needs to go there,will drop you off and pick you up,usually at he same place he dropped you off in 25 mins,if you’re lucky 45.) was visiting my mother and felt like I’d been kidnapped!