Holiday to Rome

Hi guys

You’re luckier than my facebook buddies. I’m just going bore you with one of my holiday pics

Came back from a lovely holiday in Rome on Saturday. Amazingly, I got to be at a live audience with the Pope on Wednesday.

The Popemobile came within yards of me and my husband. I was excited and almost crying at the same time…fabulous, I will never forget. The energy amongst the crowd was awesome!

Wow, what an experience #1, glad you enjoyed it. Xx

Hi Glossy, wow! Fab that you enjoyed the trip.

What was your accommodation like? What do you need in the way of adaptations/equipment?

I am fact finding for my future holiday info.

Ta lots.


Sadly Poll, you are much more disabled than me. I get around short distances with a walking stick and husbands right arm.

White cab taxis in Rome cost us about 7 euros, so very handy for places we wanted to visit. Museums, churches etc.

The hotel was fabulous. Lift to all floors apart from about 8 initial steps, which I could cope with and was told about in advance.

Walk in shower you could fit a family of 4 in Lol. Spotlessly clean and they were so helpful. Calling taxis, giving advice on good eating places etc. Great reviews on trip advisor.

I could go on lol but won’t.

Noreen x

Have you booked your accommodation Poll?

Thanks Noreen. All good stuff.


Should also have said. Airport assistance at Manchester was fantastic x

Going to Barcelona in September for 4 days. Its a recky trip, to see how I do. Flying from Manchester. I have booked assistance.


The lady at airport assistance was lovely Poll. She said the airline had actually overbooked my assistance. She said " I can see you don’t need help transferring to your seat"

She did add, it’s better to overbook assistance than under book. She goes through all the paperwork on arrival. She even took my husband to the front of the queue to check in our suitcase!!

Another woman there had underbooked her assistance, so she changed it for her.

You will have a great time Poll. Disabled people travel all the time, so why not you?

I was told I would be last to board but we were on the plane first. Once them guys take charge of your wheelchair…it’s billy whizz time Lol


good for you noreen

so glad you had a good time.

carole xx

Thanks Carole.

I will be honest, I’ve never been in a wheelchair and pushed about. I did not like it, just looked straight ahead and ignored other people…I’m good at that Lol.

I felt sorry for my poor husband trying to keep up, he’s not the fitest of people.


I have booked my holiday to Barcelona with Enable Holidays. They have arranged my airport assistance. The chap dealing with my booking said something really nice and reassuring, ‘We hold your hand all the way!’

I have been told I will be first on and last off. That way I won’t have a gawping audience.