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Hi Guys

My husband and I have booked flights to Rome at the end of March, for 4 nights for my birthday. I actually booked it online last November. It’s a trial run for my 60th next year…any excuse…no plans to be in this country if I can help it…horrible number…60

My husband has finally, after much pestering, persuaded me to add on special assistance…plenty of time to cancel it though and I will if my stress levels continue to rise.

This special assistance includes help through the airport and lift on/off the aircraft seat…lift for goodness sake!!! My husband can’t push me through the airport, due to his abdominal problems, so it will be a member of staff.

I can walk with a stick for short distances but rely on my husband, who takes me out in the car. I can’t stand around for long due to the psoriatic arthritis…painful leg joints.

We are flying from Manchester airport. It’s a few years since I have flown from this airport and I was fit and well.

I have a disabled friend who flies frequently from Manchester and also suggests it would be a good idea.

Have any of you guys used this facility? If so, would you mind sharing your experience please. It would be much appreciated

Noreen xx

Hi hun. I will be interested in what replies you get.

You are doing the best thing in asking for assistance. That way both of you will benefit. Plus your hubby will enjoy the experience when he won’t be worried about you getting fatigued.

Luv pollxx

I have used airport assistance twice, they take you through customs and in my case right through to the plane, it will depend on what you want the first time I used them they left me once through customs as my friend was then able to push me round airport and into departures. Usually you will be first on the plane and last off, you will be met at the other end as you leave the aircraft and taken all the way through till you exit the airport. I was quite nervous at first as I didn’t know what happened but they are waiting for you at every juncture of your airport journey. It certainly speeds up the airport process as you will find, they take you to the front of queues will help with luggage. The only problem is they go very fast and last time the friend I travelled with needs hip replacements so we have to ask them to slow down for her to keep up. Any specific queries pm me and I’ll try to answer.

If you take your own wheelchair it stays with you till you board the plane, then it is taken and loaded away till you land it is then brought to you when you depart the aircraft. I believe if it gets damaged in flight the airline will reimburse you.

Jan x

Hi Noreen,

Lucky you going on a little holiday, Rome is wonserful. I’ve typed quite a long reply but just wanted to tell you as much as I can.

I’ve used airport assistance at Newcastle to Majorca. All I can say is DO IT !!! My teenage daughters went with me but they got themselves to the plane as they needed to shop!!

I really struggle walking and airports are huge places and it’s usually a long walk to the gate.

I booked in advance. When I checked in they phoned the assistance people and they brought a wheelchair and someone pushed me through security, passport control and to the boarding gate.

In Majorca I was asked to stay on the plane as people had to walk down the stairs and across the tarmac.

They brought a special bus on hydraulics up to the plane door and then I walked onto it. When it reached the airport someone was waiting for me with a wheelchair and they pushed me through customs/passport control and to the luggage area. (think I went a different way to everyone else… like the IKEA short cuts!)

All the staff were so helpful and friendly and it really helped save my energy.

My father in law struggles with walking, since telling him of my experience he uses airport assistance every time.

Think only one person in your group is able to go with you , so if it’s just you and your husband you’ll be fine.

In Majorca I paid to go in the priority lounge as we had a long wait. Staff pushed me there then came back to collect me when the flight was called.

If you get assistance once, you’ll always get it. Start the holiday feeling fresh and full of energy and not exhausted after a days travel.

Let us know how you get on.

Jen xx

My mum who is late 70s used airport assistance last year. She flew with Easy jet from Liverpool and said they were very good. She also flew with assistance from Manchester the previous year. She does not have MS but she has mobility problems and cannot walk for far. My sister was accompanying her and they both went on an airport buggy to the gate. They were first on the plane and first off I think. It was a very smooth process.

Enjoy your trip to Rome-me and my husband are also hoping to go there for a long weekend this Spring. Hoping to book it soon.


I always use assistance, and we almost always use Manchester airport. OCS provide the assistance, that’s what they’re there for. It’s not a problem, and you get to jump the queues which is an added bonus!

You will be boarded separately, so there’s no pressure of people jostling you in the queue or rush to board and disembark.

Those requiring assistance usually have to leave the aircraft last, but the beauty of that is that you won’t be waiting for the luggage to be unloaded it will be waiting for you, and if there’s a queue at passport control the staff take you to the front if it or to a special one.

Stop worrying and have a lovely holiday.

Thanks Poll, I know you are right but the lift Poll…the blooming lift.​

Noreen xx

Thank you Jan for taking the trouble to write such an helpful reply, I really appreciate it.

Thankfully for me, I don’t have a wheelchair but good to know the airline does reimburse the customer.

Noreen xx

Hi Jen

Thank you for your reply. Answered a lot of thoughts buzzing round my dizzy brain…really helpful.

Yes Jen, its just me and my husband.

Noreen xx

Thanks Cathy.

Have you been to Rome before? It’s a fascinating City.

Not exactly geared for people with mobility issues, which is the main reason why we are staying in the area of Rome we want to spend our few days.

What the heck, I can’t wait…once I get past the airport saga!!!

Noreen xx

Hi Flowerpot

OK lol, I will stop worrying and definitely have a great time.

Noreen xx

Just want to say, you guys on this forum are great. I would add lot’s of Smiley’s but can’t anymore on my tablet…sadly.​

If you knew what had been going through my overactive imagination about that lift…I’m thinking of certifying myself!!

Noreen xx


ocs are brill! as others have said fantastic service.

one thing to point out at manchester…going out u go basically the same way as other passengers via the flat obviously!

but on return u are taken down into the guts of the airport where the public doesnt normally see! the staff obviously have keys and do this frequently but it took me by surprise!


ellie x

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Thanks for that info at ellie. That could be quite interesting…not that I’m nosy yah know