Advice please

Hello all. I applied for DLA recently. Received a letter this morning informing me I’ve been put on the higher rate of mobility component. I know I should be happy and I’m sure I will be but to be honest I felt upset and guilty of all things. My husband and daughter couldn’t understand why I was crying. Truth is I didn’t want to apply in the first place, the whole thing has been one big stressful nightmare. Just wondered about other people’s experiences?? The other thing I want some advice on please!! When I go out I’m now usually with my husband, daughter or friend because of poor balance and stumbling/falls. My gp’s referred me to OT and Pyshio but that was a few weeks ago. I went to my local theatre last night to see a show with friends. When we got out of the car I linked up with my friend to steady myself, she is more than happy for me to do this we’ve been friends a long time. Its just when I reflected on it later I felt guilty because she has mobilty problems too and uses a walking stick. I’m getting to the point now!!!..I’m boring myself lol As anyone bought their own walking stick or should I just hold out for the referral?

Hello hun. Oh dear, are you newly diagnosed I wonder?

It is overwhelming at times, when we venture out to do the things we used to do, only to realise we cant perform these tasks as well as we did. Its a real shock at times.

Now about the stick…why not think about getting one of those fold up jobbies? I had one and it was easily folded and put out of site. You dont need to have it on show, when seated in the thatre, restaurant or wherever. No-one would ever think you have a mobility problem, if you`d prefer it that way, eh?

Do still use the OT and physio bods, as they will probably give you more ideas on how to keep safely mobile. than you imagined.

Hope you and your friends continue to enjoy your jaunts out.

luv Pollx

Thanks for your reply Poll. I was diagnosed in August. Never thought about a fold up one that’s a good idea ta. It is overwhelming at times…you think your coping and then something happens and knocks you back a bit. Its that old story of I hate losing my independence…I’m even boring myself with that one now lol. I’ll be fine…it helps to write it down…I like to share lol. We went to see Sally Morgan last night, the medium, She was very good. Take care ,

Hi again.

I know luv. I`ve had a particularly bad year of worsening problems and am highly dependent on others, have zilch mobility and totally lost my bladder control too.

Even so, I still say my motto;

I may be broken, but I`m still here!

Have a good afternoon and night hun.


Ditto Poll

Feel I should add Poll that I’m sorry that your year has been a bad one and I hope things improve for you. I know you’ve recently add a sp fitted, hope that’s helped. All the best to you