Need encouragement re OH visit.

I had a second visi from an Occ health man today. A month ago he gave me some excercises to do to try and get my leg and arm moving again. The excersises haven’t worked at all. However, I am very upbeat because I have had a massive improvement in my mobility with the help of a simpl aid he gave me last time. He gave me a three footed walking stick. I can get myself up with it sometimes an stabilise myself with my left arm an hand using the stick. It doesn’t go over like a conventional stick. I showed him the progress and he must have seen how pleased I was. I am absolutely gobsmacked at how such a simple aid has helped and given me confidence. On shoeing him the progress with the arm and leg excersises though, there was nothing to show. He left telling me that if. Need any further help to contatmy GP. I suppose that means I am discharged from Occupational Therapy. He left and hubby said to me that he was shaking his head as he walked out the door, as if he didn’t believe me. I didn’t see this but hubby did and said to me that the Occ therapist seems to think I am putting it on. Are they just trained monkeys and when symptoms don’t fit the text book the patient must be swinging it? With no use of my right limbs I have no spasticity and that doesn’t fit, so I’m putting it on. It all makes me feel quite self conscious. Pat

I’m sure he does not think your putting it on, for starters he wouldn’t have got the referral for you if you were. I know it can be hard but try not to be paranoid- it won’t achieve anything except make you miserable and self conscious. Tell yourself even if he did think that (which i whole heartadly doubt) who cares? you gained something from his visit, probably won’t see him again.ok so you did not achieve everything you had hoped for but you can continue to try. could it be possible he was shaking his head at your negativity not your mobility? Not everybody looks for the worst in people.

Hi Pat, glad you have got your 3 pronged stick which is helping with your mobility. Just a thought but maybe your GP could refer you to physio for some specific work on your weak limbs? That in turn may mean you could be referred to Orthotics for some kind of brace on the extra wobbly bit (mine’s on my knee)? As I understood it, an OT’s function was really just to provide equipment and advice rather than exercise which I suppose is what he has done for you so next step physio? Good luck. xx

I guess that it is the system that is confused, Pat, not you.

Generally, Physios provide the exercises, and Occ. Ther. provide the aids.
It was an Occ.Ther. who organised the rail up the stairs for me (put in by their contracor) but when a Physio decided I would be better wih two walking sticks, the same contractor delivered them.

Stans Mum is dead right in that you need Physio. Do not hold your breath waiting!My Neuro referred my for Physio in early Feb. (he was concerned about my stability) and I am still waiting. We have a syst5em in my county where all referrals have to go through a private contractor (a sort of one-stop shop for the consultants) and you remind me that I have to chase them up about this.