OT Visit

Good Afternoon everyone hope your all as well as can be I had a visit from OT today and was very impressed with her she was so helpful in advising me how best to do things that I struggle with. I even got a freebie :slight_smile: some polystyrene tubing to put round my knife and fork, yhea I know easily pleased but if enables me to use them instead of my fingers then it’s all good. She’s also arranging some extra physio for me in my own home which is good as I’ve already got my appt with Neuro physio too which is only 8 sessions!! She says with them I can have as many sessions as needed. :slight_smile: I will get these legs going. I’d call that result

We had one a few weeks ago, referred by the MS nurse as husband having falls. He was good, and arranged to have shower grab rail installed, raised loo seat and a perching stool. It was free which as you say must be a first.