OT called today............

I was in my neices home when the OT telephoned.I answered and was suprised,she said my doctor had rung her as I was so poorley and needed help.

Well she called to my home and has just left.

I am now going to get a bed riser,a bath lift and an adjustable stool.

Ive been having such a hard time of things of late and struggling that now I am getting help.I also have a support worker calling Tuesday...

Lets hope things are looking up for me.



My OT is called Rachel............... thumbsup LOL

Glad you are getting equipment that will make ur life easier .

Ellie x

Thankyou Ellie.x

I cannot remember her name my mind is so fuzzled lately.

GoshI hope so I hate to admit I need the help but I had to admit it in the end...

Hi Charlie,

Great that you’re going to get some extra help. Don’t feel bad that you had to ask for help. Anything that can make life easier for you will be fantastic. Leave it to the professionals to take some of the load. You don’t need to struggle by yourself. Good luck, I hope it makes a lot of difference.

Teresa xx

Thankyou Teresa,the OT is also getting back intouch with the physio as I am struggling to get out and about.

It just feels good that my many phone calls are now paying off,but also down to a great doctor who is fighting my corner...

Hi Charlie, sounds like you are getting somewhere at last.


Oh yes Cheryl,I hope it lasts I need a good bit of luck at the moment.Its so horrid to think how we are left for so long struggling because of waiting lists etc.When people say they had to fend for themselves and fight for things and tell you there story you think mmmm surley that is not true,however I have learned it is true and we have to fight to gain oursleves some help.I am learning the ways of getting things I need to live more normaly and safetly.

It is so hard to admit we need this help and admit that we are disabled.But I have accepeted it now.But give me the right tools and I will gain my life back.


That`s brill news love.

Over the years i have had first class service from OTs, What a resourceful bunch of folks they are.

Hope you don`t have to wait too long and that the items help you.

luv Pollx

Hi Charlie,

I’m really glad that you have faith in your GP. It makes life so much easier to have a medical professional fighting your corner. Hope the physio can help you too.

Teresa xx

Thankyou Poll,x

She said she will ring me when the order has gone through.I hope it is soon and she will show me how to use the bath lift.I am happy things are moving forward.I was so happy when I got my crutches they got me to at least take my girl to the park and to the chemist even a short trip to the local town centre.I am plum tickered out after and in pain but well worth it.

The small things in life can realy make a diffrence.