OT visit later today

Today I’m expecting a visit from the Community occupational therapist. My GP referred me seventeen weeks and one day ago, after a fall. I was told at the time that his faxing the referral meant it would be acted on immediately. Mmmm… I’m so glad it wasn’t sent by post or I would have had to wait!

However, I’m expecting the same as I’ve had from the NHS generally, and in particular from my neurologist (don’t have one any more) and the MS nurses (don’t have one of those either) which is precisely NOTHING.

I will add more later in the event of being proved wrong!

I hope it’s a good visit flowerpot. My OT was lovely and really helpful…will keep my fingers and toes crossed he/she offers something positive :slight_smile:

Rubbing salt into your wounds my dealings with the OT have been fantastic and they have sorted lots out for me


My OT has been a lifechanger for me. grab rails, highered the loo to make it easier to stand, bed hoist and guard, etc, etc.

Hope your visit goes well.


Well, she was really nice, she’s going to get something done about the front door step, not sure what or when. She’ll also provide a handle thingy to help me get out of bed.

The first thing she asked was if we own out home. If I ever need riser recliner chair I might get that if I fulfill the criteria, but there is a twelve month waiting list, but I can’t go on it until I need it. She suggested funding it myself, but she did it nicely.

interestingly she told me that because I pay for physio I cannot be referred to the community physio because I’m now a private patient and anything I might need which would need physio approval I’d have to fund myself. I only pay for physio because I can’t get it on the NHS, even though two consultants have stated it can be helpful.

it was ok, just waiting now.

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Hi Flowerpot

Good to hear the OT’s visit was went reasonable well.

Hopefully you’ll get the mods done reasonable quickly. After they visited me all the things they’d promised were completed within two-three weeks.

Private Physio must be a bit costly, do you not have an MS Therapy Centre nearby? I’m luck in that there’s one within 12 miles of me as I couldn’t afford the charges asked by private gyms but also get some satisfaction in they’re helping me while I contribute what I can on each visit and have them as my chosen charity in my “Give as you live” account for my online shopping.

Good luck.


Thank you. No there isn’t an ms therapy centre within 50 miles of here. My gym membership means I can get to two classes a week and I have two one to one gym sessions a week with an instructor. I have physio every two weeks. I’m afraid to imagine how much worse I might be without it. As you say, not cheap, but I’m managing at the moment.