Occupational Therapy

Has anyone had this? As my hospital has booked me an appointment in a couple of weeks.

Hi Yes, just started. They have been great. They can help with lots of different areas such as exercises for movement problems, testing for cognitive and memory issues, equipment for help around the home, mine has recently referred me for neuro physio as in my area they work together in the same unit. Hope you find it helpful. Mish x

It was actually my Neuro Physio who referred me. Thanks for the info.

I absolutely love OTs! But I have never seen one in a hospital, as they`ve always come to my house. They have helped me with so many things around the house. As my condition has progressed quite rapidly (and is still doing) my needs are changing often.

I am at the mo` in the system for a better loo and wet floor and a more supportive riser/recliner chair.

If I could have my time over again, I would love to be an OT.

Hope your`s is as good.

luv Pollx

I was speaking to a lady at the council a few weeks ago about something else and she told me to get my name down for a visit - she said there was probably a long wait but was really encouraging about the types of things they might be able to do to help me. I’m definitely going to add that one to my list :wink:

Sonia x

Yes absolutely fantastic, I give them as high a rating as physios.

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I get the impression it’s more about what I can do via archiving my goals such as not using a stick then about what can be done in my home.

Hi again, you`ll probably get a surprise when you do see an OT, at how much they are able to help you with. I am always surprised by mine, even after many visits/years.

Good luck.

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Thanks, well I’m hoping they can help me improve nothing seems to be working at the moment.