Hi All,

Went to see the physio yesterday and had the shock of my life. He did an assessment of me and said according to the form I should be in a wheelchair. I responded with no way!! He then went on to say that although the assessment said so he, by looking at me thinks instead of using a stick I should use one of those things with two handles, wheels and a seat. (Sorry can’t recall what they are called). I was amazed and said I only thought only old people use them, then I laughed as I’m 65!! But he said I had no balance at all and I was in danger of falling over, which is what I did last Sunday. Has anyone any experience of these things, he is going to show me a couple in two weeks and I’m rather nervous at the thought of it? Any advice much appreciated.



Hello Janet.

The physio is the proffesional and I would listen to them.

Your talking about a walker,they have handles and a seat you can also get a bag for them.

Maybe you should start to look at wheelchairs and think about it,just think to ride everywere I recommend it.I know it can be a bit of a shock to hear these words.But they know exactly what they are talking about.Then you have time to start adjusting to the changes.


Hi Janet, you can get the walkers that are positioned behind you with a seat if you need a rest. I am sure an ot will assess you for the best one for your needs. You don’t have to be old to use one of these!!! Lol. Something like this may keep you from using a wheelchair for the moment so worth having a look. I use a stick and I am just thinking of purchasing a flip stick which as a seat on as we are going away in Aug and thought it might enable me to have a little rest when I get tired. Good luck and as my mum used to say put your pride in your pocket and do whatever is best . Xxxxx

i am thinking of asking for one of those walkers with a little seat on. not for everyday use but just for occasions where i have to do a lot of standing.

i went collecting for the ms therapy centre and after 4 hours (albeit with frequent trips to the cafe and the loo) my legs had locked. i don’t know what the physios call it. hyper-extension i think.

now i’m worrying about the concert i’m going to next weekend, it’s in a huge park and the standing and the toilets are putting me off going.

it’s absolutely not coming into my house, it’s going to be a private matter. it will live in my car and get taken out as necessary.

before this plan occurred to me i had been looking at wheelchairs but a walker is a little less severe.

ps i’m 53 going on 83

carole xx

Janet - if you want to ‘stick with a stick’ as long as you can then surely you should! Or two sticks? How much danger do you feel you are in? One fall isn’t so bad considering.

You have to do what you are comfy and happy with, not what an assessment says you should be. You’re 65 years young…keep going until you know you can’t anymore or don’t want to!


(for whatever my advice is worth when only on day one wearing a knee support!!)

Thanks everyone for your advice, I will most likely end up getting one, but like Carole has said no way will I have it indoors, it would stay in the car. I just don’t feel ready to sit in a wheelchair, I’m to independant a person to give in easily. What upset me was that my balance is so cr*p that I couldn’t put my feet together without falling. It just hadn’t dawned on me how much it had crept up on me. Another thing to get used to. Oh well onwards and upwards, thanks for your replies much appreciated.



Hi Janet, no matter what age we are, we know what we want and don`t want, yeh?

Your body will tell you when it is ready for mobility aids. Your brain may say otherwise, but it is your decision and yours alone...dont be forced to use anything your`e not agreeable to.

BUT…the main thing is to keep safe and not take any risks re falls etc.

I`ve been where you are now and am further down the road too.

As I said, each to his own…we are not gaga and no-one can force us into owt!

Go girl!

luv Pollx

Hi Poll,

You are so right in what you say, it is my choice and I also know it would be very stupid of me if I didn’t take their advice especially as I can fall so easily. It’s so hard to come to terms with, when only a couple of years back I didn’t even know I had ms, even though I did keep falling over, and oh boy the ground was hard. Now suddenly it’s all moving so fast it’s scarey. First it was RRMS then it went to SPMS now talking about wheelchairs and then these thingerme bobs. Did you find each step of the way scarey? Thanks for your reply.




I was just over 40 when I got my 4 wheeled walker with seat-some blooming strange looks!

However, thats their issue-not mine-it stops me from skinning my knees on a regular basis!

I can understand the intention not to use it in the house-but it makes a good small trolley…

Sometimes, us humans are our own worst enemy! Fighting, having to prove to ourselves and to others-not exactly sure what though cos I wasnt under the impression that life was a competition…

I understand re pride blah blah blah-but at what cost? Injury and exhaustion-no thanks!

However, each to their own!

Take care all.

Elllie x

PS Seeing one in 2 weeks? I was at GP on the Mon-bouncing of the walls all the way up corridor-at Physio Wed and got the walker. This postcode malarkey is so wrong! But after saying that, maybe time is good to get your head round it? Or maybe thats just extra time for you to fret and worry. I aint saying this lightly-know exactly what you are saying-but I would suggest that you accept any help that you need. It doesnt make you a failure-I think the opposite-its empowering.


I think after all your comments I shall have to have a re-think. Where I live the NHS does not supply them you have to buy them yourself, so once again it sounds like a postcode lottery. I agree in as much I do want to keep my independence which is very important to me, so I shall have a search around and see how much they cost. Thanks for your imput I really appreciate it.



Hi Janet

I have recently bought 2 of these walkers ( second hand). I use one upstairs and the other downstairs and outside. I think they are marvellous. I started using one when my knee and hip suddenly started giving way at random. I find I can walk more quickly and confidently with these than with my usual two sticks. I have had MS for about 30 years but recently found my mobility deteriorating rapidly. I can now walk without the constant fear of tripping or falling and I have less hip pain. Previously I have had some nasty falls. Since I have had these walkers I have found many uses for them, and it is great to be able to sit down when I am tired. I have visited several places that I would not have considered before. I hope they keep me on my feet for a few more years.

If you get one of these walkers I hope you find it as useful and helpful as I have.


Hi there. In 29 and use a rollater. I also use 2 walking sticks to try and avoid it but there are times when i just can’t. I felt very self conscious for a while but now i couldn’t case less what other people think. Hope everything turns out ok for you. Scott

Thanks Carol and Scott, I guess it’s just my pride that has been offended and find your suggestions very useful. I already have a mobility scooter but my husband cannot lift it in and out of the car because he suffers with a bad back, so I guess a rollater is the next best thing especially if I won’t fall over again. I find the ground so hard and usually end up with blood all over the place, so I have to be sensible, and I will be independent. YEH!!

Thank you all.