Physio Visit Tomorrow.

Hello there Peeps.

Just a few questions to see if anyone can answer them.

Physio is calling tomorrow to see what they can do to help me walk in ease and comfort and safety.

There are two things on offer,a zimmer frame or crutches.

However my wrists and hands are weak and painfull,my elbows not so much.

Hence I find it difficult to support my own weight.

My ankles are weak and painfull.My legs go like jelly and even numb.

Is there any medical supports available on the NHS for these symptoms of pain and weakness that I could use while walking with crutches?

Such as wrist,ankle and elbow supports that I could ask the physio if they would help?

I cannot afford to buy these items and a physio would know which kind I needed?

Another thing,does the summer heat make peoples symptoms worse as it appears I feel worse in this heat?

The tremors were terrible.

Also Amitriptyline does it cause your eyes to imensley dislike sunlight or is this a symptom of MS?

I had to wear shades today as my eyes hurt or reacted highly to the sun.Became very sensitive,is this the meds or a symptom of MS?


Hi Charlie, how did the physio appointment go?

I hope they were able to answer your questions re support for your hands and arms when walking.

Warmer weather certainly does make MS symptoms worse. I am still under investigation re what i have, but my symptoms are very MS-like.

Within a very short time yesterday, due to the warmer temperature, my feet were swollen and sore and i was weaker than normal.

I lost my walking ability some 7/8 years ago. I went from stick, to walker, to rollator to wheelchairs.

I hope you can keep your mobility for longer. Have you heard of FES? It is an electrical system to keep you walking.

luv Pollx

Hey MS43.

The physio went well.I got crutches with the moulded handles for arthritic people to try and help as I have poor grip and given some exersises to do.

I asked my doctor today about support for my wrists etc and she said I have to wait to see the MS nurse and the OT…Its always a waiting game.

Even though I am very slow at walking I have been out with the crutches and felt less fearfull of falling,but then I can feel the numbness kick in and its time for home.

My eyes have become very sensitive and forgot to ask the doctor about it.The sun is overly bright for me and dark shades are worn.Now I can relate to swelling,from my waste downwards.Heat and inactivity I belive causes it.I no longer have hot baths as it makes my legs go all funny.

Oh gosh I hope I can keep my mobility,I do not go out much but I do have those days were I just would like to escape.I felt so trapped at times.

Ive been warned not to do anything heavy,Im to carry my mobile every were I go even to the bathroom.

Its is such a strugle for us all and a big change in lifestyles.


hi, i’ve just finished a course with physio and ot at home, they supllied me with a splint to help with ny weak leg and a zimmer for walking indoors, they’re much better than crutches or sticks. I have a rolator ( like a zimmer on wheels) with a built in seat for when i get tired. I’ve found these much better and safer than crutches, although the N.H.S don’;t supply the rolator, but i have D.L.A for things like that. These all help me get around with the minimum of fuss and maximum of safety, i have about 25% strength in my left arm but I’m still able to apply equal peasure left and right.Personally I find these a far better option than crutches :slight_smile:

Thankyou Monkey1666,I dont get enough DLA to even consider buying anything to help.I only get the low rate mobility and nothing more.I have put in for them to look at my claim again and asked about carers allowance.

Thankyou for your reply and advice.Ive been told I cannot have any more equipment from the physio I have to wait for the Occupational Therapist for anything else.The only choice I had was a zimmer or crutches.A zimmer is no good for me outside on these rough pavements.The crutches have the moulded arthritic handles/grips wich I dont find help much.

My right arm is affected with weakness,my fingers,hands,wrists,feet and ankles are the weakest of them all.And the pain eeeeshhh.

Its all a waiting game to get the help I need…