Hi everyone, hope you’re all well, well about 2mths ago I went through a bit of a rough spell, all my symptoms where alot worse, fatigue was terrible, had some new symptoms, so after speaking to my MS nurse it was decided that my MS was active, I have SPMS, anyway since then I have to say I haven’t felt the best, can’t do too much without being really tired, can’t walk far before my legs feel really heavy and tired, if I have to go out for long periods I take either a wheelcahire or scooter, now my balance has got worse, so my physio has suggested crutchers to keep me up right, so I don’t fall over, where does all this end, is the next step a wheelchair all the time, to top it off the pain I get is getting worse, at the moment I’m waiting for the nurse to make arrangements for me to change pain meds, sorry for the moan, but you are the only one’s who know how this feels, take care all, Luv jean x

you been living in my body :),i am thinking the same as you at the moment,but deal with it at a later date,lol keep positive,u will get there no matter what

thanks for you’re reply, yes that’s about all we can do, stay positvie and keep smiling, thanks again for you support, Jean x

did u know that an undiagnosed and little known side affect of MS,is LYING ,lol do we ever tell the truth :slight_smile:

I can’t use 2 crutches because my left arm is very uncoordinated (I risk decapitating anyone who is within range) After 2 bad falls in the house I decided to get a rollator. I hate the damn thing and it feels like I’m walking round with a wheelbarrow BUT I am sturdy and safe.

I use a wheelchair 100% outside but I am trying to stay on my feet in the house as long as I can. I think the rollator will help with this. I had one from the physio but it’s like a tank so I bought my own – much smaller and lighter.

It might be something for you to think about. Carrying anything with crutches is difficult but the rollator has a little bag and I put a tray on the seat for my coffee.


Oh Jean Ill bet your feeling like ‘what next’, thinking you wouldnt have to use crutches nor use your scooter so much. Each time my ms flares up I feel soooo tired, and wonder the same as you. Sometimes we get a break and feel we are invincible, then it tends to come back in another guise to flaw us.

Just to let you know there are breaks for some of us, things are not always as bad as they seem, and if we need equipment to make living our lives easier then so be it. Transition of any sort takes time, but I feel we must not lose sight nor hope that in all that darkness sometimes light does come and give us a break.

I hold your hand in friendship, care and send you ((((((((((((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))))))))))), just to let you know you are not alone with this monster. Together we are strong in the face of such onslaught.

take care,



Oh thank you for all you’re kind words, as for the rollator, that sounds like a good idea, as yes the crutchers do get in the way, makes everything much more difficult, thanks again, Luv Jean x

Jean, l could never manage with crutches - you can’t carry anything for a start - but a rollator - well l am a new convert to one of these. Did try a little 3wheeled one but it was not very stable - tipped easily so l took advice from Patrick - on here - and invested in a Topro Olympus - 4 wheels/large bag and seat. lt is really for outdoor use but do use it for both - they do make smaller lighters ones but they are Norwegian manufactured and very well designed. Folds down so easily to get through narrow gaps and easy to put in the car. l have seen more of my garden since getting one. Can feed the chicks and even carry a watering can of water down to the ducks with it. When we had beans etc growing l could get out there and pick them and sit down when l wanted to. l am surprised how much faster and safer l can get to the ‘loo’ now. Rollator YES - Crutches NO


Dear Jean,I tried using crutches 10 years ago when ‘Overjuberance’ led to me breaking my left ankle.I had ‘the beef’ then,but found it easier to walk/hobble.

I would suggest a small mobility scooter from a registered and highly regarded dealer,with an eye on getting it into/out of cars, charging,secure/warm parking proposed routes,shopping loads etc blah blah.You will still have to keep using your legs,BUT the benefits in energy levels will outway any daily embuggerance.

Tell the Fizzio,from me,“You are the expert,but I am the user”, unless of course it has MS or restricted mobility

Wb x

ps The Buggy is not for ever,as your walking returns,park it nicely and, “Get out there again”.

thanks again, yes I do have a small scooter, goes in the back of the car, the crutchers are more for just going up the garden, around the house, I’ve been practising again today and too be honest I don’t really like them, Luv Jean x

Hi Jean, oh love, I am so sorry to hear things are getting much worse for you.

But sound like you are getting some good help. I know you`ve had it bad for quite a while now.

Sending you a pm re something else. Hope you dont mind.

luv Pollx

thanks for that polly, not sure about these crutches, they just get in the way, not sure I’ll carry on, take care, LuvJean x x

P>S I’m sending a PM back with that name, x