Walking sticks or crutches

Hi there. I have SPMS and am getting to the stage where I need two walking aids as my balance is really suffering atm. Not sure whether to go for two sticks or two crutches and wondered if anybody could let me know if/what you decided to go for in the end. I have recently moved, so currently have no MS Nurse or Physio to ask, but I think if anybody knows, it’s going to be my fellow MSers! Thanks in advance, Di

Get a Rollator and don`t waste your time and money on anything else.


Thanks for the info. I didn’t even think about a rollator, but I think you’re right and that is exactly what I need! Going to give one a test drive locally… Many thanks again, Di

Hi I felt he same opted for a rollator which is great.

Also 4 wheel ones are more stable and also get one with a seat.