weak legs/walking aid

Hello, i suffer with very tingly fizzy legs, they have slowly been getting worse. To the hurting stage. If im doing short trips they are ok, they do not give way and i dont fall but the more i do the more they hurt especially when i stop. Does any one know if a stick or crutches would help for days spent on feet, like outing to a show or something. Would a sick or crutches be better? I wondered about crutches as they would take the weight of my legs a bit. Im stable on them so not sure a stick would bennifit much, plus im 32 and have used crutches for kamacarzi war wounds in the past and to be honest not ready to accept a stick yet. Vain i know but always been action person and stick does not say that! What do others use for occasional use in similar situations?


Hiya Sophie Do you have access to MS nurse? Maybe you can be referred to OT and or Physio. They could then assess what would be most beneficial for you! I have a stick which I used short term I always have it in my hand bag which is a bit like Krypton Factor trying to fold it up, it ((((pings))))) back into a stick in a breath, when it should remain folded! My daughter doesn’t like me using it. Initially I got it for around the house when I couldn’t get out much. I think the guy at the mobility shop may have cut it down a bit too much so if you can get an assessment it would be more sensible as you don’t want to end up with more aches and pains than you need! Am sure peeps will give you some good tips and advice, my legs are soooo painful today so I really empathise with ya xx Am sure you’ll get sorted xx Michelle xx

Hi, yeh i do have a ms nurse but the trouble is she is over 300miles away. Had to do a 600mile round trip for my last consultant apt. Better than last month, i 900 miles away! I live a nomadic life, which means i dont even take meds as there is no way of getting them or have to go to same hosp every month for infusions, so i just dont bother. The system does not really cater for people like me. (Yet they manage to take all the correct taxes!!)

Thanks for that though have a friend who is a OT might giver her a buzz hadnt thought of that!