Stick or crutch - advice needed!

Hi all Just after some advice, I have had the need to use a stick on and off since this relapse 12mths ago, it took a lot to get my head a round needing to use a stick at 29, even now nearly 12mths on I hate using it! So I was wondering should I use a crutch instead? My only thought with using a crutch is would it keep getting in the way, the stick I’ve been using is a fold up one so I can easily stuff it in my bag but I guess you can’t do that with a crutch! Really I just want my legs to get back to normal and now nearly 12mths on from this relapse I am getting really frustrated! Thank you in advance Liana :slight_smile:

Ask your gp to refer you to the community physio. Mine did and one came out and assessed me at home, and provided me with crutches. They can probably best advise you. Yvonne


I just wanted to suggest looking into getting a stick or crutch with a difference. I recently bought one - haven’t had to use it yet thank goodness - but I deliberatly looked for one what was the brightest colour I could find. I found them with patterns, neon colours, rhinestones, secret hip flasks (good for the cold) and secret swords (good for London Underground hehe)

If you have to use one then own that stick hun. Don’t try to hide it - make it a fashion accessory!! My own one is purple but I’m still thinking about the sword version. I know I will probably need one eventually (sooner than I like to think) - I hate the fact that I will need one eventually but I will not let it get me down.

Actually even if I didn’t need one I would be very tempted with the sword ones - they are gorgeous.

Take care - try not to get too down and I’m sure the physio can get you sorted as to what is right for you. Hugs


Wouldn’t a crutch make you look more ‘disabled’. I use one - sometimes two and it’s the walking difficulties I hate, not the stick. I’ve always been nervous about using a crutch because it can break your arm if you fall with it on. That I do not need!

I meant to say I use one or two sticks - pretty fold up ones. Looks like I meant crutches.

I use crutches two of them don’t feel balanced enough with a stick or just one crutch. I think it is a very personal thing and what you feel comfortable with. I don’t know crutches to me didn’t feel so old I’m 33 as a stick but then I see lots of young people with sticks and I don’t think hey look old. I am thinking of jazzy up my crutches Barney


I would get the advice of a physio.

I started off with a stick but now need the support of crutches. Anybody seeing you doesn’t necessarily know why you are using crutches, it might be a sprained ankle.

If you can afford them, personalised crutches can brighten up the world.

Good Luck!


I think that a stick looks more ageing, as crutches look as if you could have an injury! I graduated from one stick to two crutches on the advice of my physio! I am much more stable with two crutches and I walk more upright! I was very bent over, like an old woman, with one stick! Teresa xx

l got that a stick just did not hold me up safely. And they are such a nuisance - when you want to carry something or even when you sit down they have a habit of clattering to the floor. l now use a rollator - what a difference - l can carry lots in the basket -telephone- remote and a plate/mug on the seat. And sit down on it when l find l need to. lt doesn’t fall to the floor either. l can now get out into the garden and pick the beans etc. Water my tubs/baskets. The bag can carry up to 10kg. And is the correct size for a watering can. BUT - the same as you - l did find it ‘awkward’ to go public with it. But - it is better then hobbling along lopsided with a stick. 30 yrs ago - l could walk pushing my daughter in her pushchair - perhaps l should get another pushchair and put a toy baby in it. l shall have folk stopping me to coo at it. The same in a supermarket - l can walk holding onto a trolley. l do wish the supermarkets would keep those small trolleys near the blue-badge parking area. lf l am lucky l can stop someone when taking theirs back.

I have been using a crutch for over a year - felt that a stick was for an old man/woman! I’m 45! I also think that the crutch offers more support - feels a bit steadier than a stick. Unfortunately, I have SPMS and of late my crutch just isn’t enough anymore. I find I’m not even steady enough with two crutches so I’ve started to use a rollator in the last few months. I also feel ‘awkward’ in public but it did enable me to go to shopping centres an it does mean that I can ‘walk’ straighter. It is sturdy and is a great help for carrying things. It takes a while to get used to using it and I can’ t say that I’ve 'accepted ’ it but it definitely has benefits.

I use a stick, I have a number of very funky ones in colours and patters. That sadi, I am tall and although my sticks are adjustable they still not quite as long as i would like. I’m considereing moving to a crutch as I tend to need to lean quite heavily on my stick as I fall to the right all the time. I think a crutch would support me better now. Either way i’m not happy about having to use either but then if that’s what it takes for me to get around then so be it. Have been looking for coloured/petterned crutches, can’t seem to find any.

Hi Bunnythecat,

try the website above - I believe they do sticks and crutches.


Hi Thank you for all your comments, I’m really struggling this week not sure if it’s a relapse or just having a bad week. I get up feeling crap and it just gets worse during the day (my legs that is), so much so today my boss sent me home early to rest! It seems that either I get my head around it and use the stick, or hobble around and basically look drunk or in pain without one! Even then I can only manage about 20m before needing to sit down again! I have been seeing a Physio on a regular basis up until recently, maybe if the bed spell continues I’ll recontact them - they had kind of left me to get on with it and just keep up with the exercises at home for the past month or so, as I seemed to be moving in the right direction. Ms is such a pain, and to think 12mths ago I was fine! Thank you again Liana x

Hi Liana,

I could not get to grips with a stick. Did not offer me enough support!!

I use a fold up crutch. You could not put it in your bag, but its easier to throw into the car. I have a purple and a bright yellow one.

I purchased these from clic. A firm in Leeds, they offer all sorts of gadgets to go with them. I have a thing that fits on the end so I can go out in snow and Ice!! Not that I want to very much, but it is there.

Have a look on their site and see what they offer. Of course, like evrything else not cheap!

C x