crutch v's walking stick

Hi, my leg is getting worse( very tight painful calf, going into my hamstring) really I don’t feel like walking on it at all. I’ve used a stick to help before, but now feel that maybe I need more support? Any advice please?

I have a fantastic pair of lilac elbow crutches (off the internet) - loads more support when walking than a stick so I’d highly recommend especially if you are worried about stumbling or falling. I can’t use sticks anymore (and use a chair for any distance and when outside) but I do love my crutches and they look lovely too!! Good luck x

To put the other side of the argument - crutches give you more support than sticks but if you do fall while using a crutch, it is very easy to break your arm. Probably something to talk to an OT about.

I have sticks and crutches, the latter do give more support and I’d definitely recommend you try them and make your own decision. I use them on days or situations when my stick isn’t ideal especially on uneven ground or longer distances or when balance or pain is worse. There’s no harm in trying, you can get them from a physio who would also assess your safety using them.

Min x

I’ve had to progress from a stick to crutches in recent months. I am now far more upright when I walk - I was bent over my stick like a really old woman. Now i’m walking tall again! Teresa xx

All I have had is crutches. I borrowed a stick off my grandad, but I didn’t feel stable with it (he got it back virtually straight away). I normally use one. I did ask my physio about a stick after a few sessions when I felt like I had made an improvement, but she made a good point. She said that crutches were cooler if you’re younger. Being 24, I think she made a good point, and I can be quite vain at times

But seriously, I feel a lot more stable with them. I normally keep one in the car for when I’m out and about, especially if I have a distance to walk or the place I am going to is unfamiliar.