Hi everybody, hope you are as well as can be?

Hoping to get some advise. I need to buy a stick, use a crutch now and again when out but told by physio that a stick would be better!

With all your experience, that have you found best for price, look etc. need one that folds.

Thanks in advice.

Mel xx

hi tabitha

i’m surprised that your physio told you that sticks are better.

elbow crutches are said to give more stability.

if you are buying a stick make sure it is the right height for you.

my stick wasn’t and i ended up with my hips being out of alignment.

had a few sessions with an osteopath to sort it.

good luck and are you going to bling it up?

carole x


i’ve found using a crutch really awkward, a stick seems to work better for me. years ago i was given one by a physiotherapist, don’t know how common this is?! it’s a folding one with an ‘anatomically shaped’ handle, i found this on line:


they look similar.

wendy x

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Try a hiking pole with a rubber ferrule on the end. Not quite so dispiritingly ‘old lady’, and folds away reasonably well (although not as well as the neater of the foldable walking sticks)