stick for house?

Im really deteriorating atm and even walking in the house is a struggle ive never used a stick didnt want to as im in my 20s but its got to the point i struggle to walk unaided my balance is shot and i had a major relapse in spril and lost use of both legs was admitted to hospital luckily on day 5 of iv steroids legs started to come back but they are still bad does anyone have experience or advice ib sticks if id would benefit me k

Meant april x

Hi, A stick would help and give you more confidence to move around. I thought I could manage without a stick and ended up having a fall which led to me fracturing my back in two places. Don’t let it happen to you, it hurts! Janet x

I’m not diagnosed but use crutches they hold me up but don’t use them upstairs and I got out if bed walked to go toilet and fell legs just went does happen all time but it’s often full of bruises and sore don’t risk falling.

Doesn’t I meant sorry x

First thing, Catmummy, is to speak to your neuro. Ask to see a physio who will show you how to use a walking stick, and may even be able to supply/recommend one.

Usually a walking stick is best for someone with weakness in one leg.

If both legs are poor, it could be that crutches or a walker are more suitable for your physical impairment ? Your neuro and physio will be able to advise which would be best for you.

Good luck and do please let us know how you get on ?


Im ok out of the house got the babys pushchair got a man coming to do a home assessment tomorrow whatever that is maybe ill ask him its mainly left side thats the problem xm

My sticks were from the OT and had shaped hand pieces for comfort I believe they were called ergonomic design and so so comfortable Iam now in wheelchair my crutches had similar hand grips


…err, Catmummy, if you’re having difficulty walking, does it matter whether you’re indoors or outdoors ?

You may still need a walking stick, crutches or a walker - unless your home is as small as mine, in which case you may be able to get around using the walls and furniture for support (…saw the term “furniture-surfing” on this forum …thought that was superb !!)

Still think my original suggestion may be worthwhile ?!!


My take on use using aids and appliances is this: Some people with MS refuse to use a stick, wheelchair or scooter as they think that it is giving into MS. The sage old bird that is me Ma once said to me that not asking for help or using these aids etc is giving to MS. I have always been of the adage, if it gets me about then I will bloody well use it! Sod getting stuck indoors, looking at the four walls of me flat going stir crazy.

I borrowed crutches I can barely walk now so I’m house bound at the moment need a OT for bath lift etc can’t get that or physio until diagnosed ;( I’ve been like this for a year but my neuro is great :slight_smile: I am thinking of buying a scooter any advice? Thanks.

Hi Catmummy I bought a stick from the local mobility shop in my village and the guy measured me and sawed/used grinder to make it suitable for me. If you have access to physio/OT which others have recommended I would get them to sort you out, because even though the guy at my local shop was very helpful I still don’t know if it has been adjusted correctly. I only used my short term. Better to be safe than sorry as you may be better with crutches as someone earlier suggests x

I am not thrilled that I use a walking stick at my age (40s), but if it’s a choice between using a stick or staggering and falling over, I’ll take the stick, thanks. I tell myself that using a stick enables me to carry on being active; it helps most of the time.

Catmummy, can you borrow a stick from a friend or relative, it need only be for a few minutes, just to try it and see if it helps. Alternatively, have you got an MS nurse? Could she do an assessment or refer you to an appropriate therapist?

Sorry for late reply battery died had home assessment today hes arranged for a ot to come round to measure me for wheelchair when im out at hospital appointments etc and a stick for round house as house is too small for walker x

That’s good you’ve had an assessment. I had ot. I have a chair for preparing foot that goes at kitchen height and seat for bath if I have a shower. Hope you get what u need. X

I used to furniture surf. She I was working my elbows used to get sore going downstairs used to put them out to stop banging into walls on either side