New walking stick to help balance

Hi all So whilst going through this relapse my balance and vision aren’t great. I tried using a crutch but we didn’t get on (twonked the dog a couple of times by mistake!!) so have purchased a walking stick. Just arrived and I can tell how much it will help already. Went for the ‘red pepa’ switch stick. Didn’t want anything too loud but it’s still got a young feel. It’s sad how chuffed I am with it although I hope to not be needing it again soon! L x

Hi, I am at the point where you see me see my stick. Mine is a circles design looks very “sixties”. I believe if you need one of these things you would be as well make a statement. It must look ok I have had a few folk ask me where I got it. Got a wedding coming up, seen a fetching gold one I might buy. Hope you don’t need it for long. Magsxx

Thanks Mags. I don’t want over rely on it, but not like to rely on others to walk anywhere outside the house. Xx

Does anyone have problems using a stick? I find it confusing to use mine, it just seems one more thing to think about and to be honest I manage better without. I do use a stick sometimes but mainly so other people are aware I have a problem rather than assuming I’m drunk!! Jan

By the way your sticks sound fab Jan

I tried it out before and found it difficult to get the timing right. Like you though, I hope people can see I’m not drunk as I have been veering all over the place :slight_smile: I want to get out for some walks on my own as well and wouldn’t trusty balance at the moment without it. L x

I am always dropping mine, but need it all the time now. Trying to hold it whilst getting into the car with, bag, car keys, etc, I also get confused, and my left hand doesn’t feel things. Then people ask to help and I can’t form the words to say what I need them to do. so it is easier to do things myself. I just do things slowly -and one step at a time. Stand still whilst I put my keys in bag, zip it up, sling it round shoulder and then stand for a few seconds getting my stick right before walking. Stay well everyone. Jackie x

I remember my first stick it seems years ago now, probably is thinking back its about 16 years I loved it and it helped so much. I always tell people to use whatever aides that are available to make your life better and not to struggle life is for living and if a stick or a crutch make it more bearable go for it. Don

I appreciate we are all different, for me I feel safer trying to balance using my arms and upper body strength (if that makes sense) I don’t think I trust a stick to stop me from falling but then I guess it’s better than fresh air! I’ll definitely try it again next time I venture out which will prob be tomorrow…I do a supermarket most days, it gets me out of the house and they all have trolleys which are a great walking aid. Jan

It took me a little while to get used to using a walking stick, and I still haven’t mastered the juggling act of stick plus everything else.

I had my physio check my technique, particularly on stairs. His advice was: decide which is your bad leg, then hold the stick in the opposite hand. Let your arms move naturally as you walk and you should find that you move the stick with your bad leg. I find it easiest to do stairs good leg first, go slowly and if I am having a wobbly day I go down sideways, facing the bannister. That way, if I were to fall, I’d go into the bannisters and not headlong. At work and in public places I use a lift for going down stairs if there is one available. I’m ok going up.

I have a wrist strap on my walking stick which helps when I’m juggling stick and other things and I usually have a little thing attached that keeps my stick standing upright at the side of my desk. It is supposed to work on any table but most tables give slightly if you lean on them, at which point my stick crashes to the floor. I lost the last one while travelling and am waiting for the replacemwnt to arrive - I’ve got so used to that little device that I’m missing having it!

Hmm my physio told me to hold the stick on the side of my weakest leg and move the stick along with the leg the idea being the stick works alongside the leg. Time I self referred to physio again. Sorry Star I seem to have taken over your thread. Jan

Sorry Jan, but your physio got that advice completely wrong. Honestly, how unnatural would it feel to try moving both the arm & leg on one side, forward at the same time ?!!

I’ve used a walking stick full-time (mostly to help balance and be there to provide extra support when needed) for about 4 years now.

Initially, I thought the stick had to be on the same side as my bad leg (for extra support) …but my physio suggested I’d be better-off to try the stick on opposite side.

Took a bit of getting used to (…no control in the hand being used to start with), but now it’s second-nature and feels much more natural than trying to use it on the same side as the weak leg.

I’d seriously question your physio’s advice, Jan ?!!

(It’s a sad day when professionals can’t even give consistent advice/instruction )


Very unnatural ! Thanks for all the advice, I’ll practice using the correct side and see how it goes. I’m going to make another appointment with physio though as I need to discuss other issues. Just hope I get correct info back. Thanks again Jan.

Hi l.
My wife persuaded me to start using a stick about a year ago.
I find they help so much with my balance I’ve now got 4!
One buy the back door for the garden.
One in the car.
One in my scooter (plenty of room under the seat).
And one I keep by the front door for obvious reasons.

The Gel handled ones are brilliant and luminous!

I don’t tend to use them in the “conventional” way (opposite side of weakness) but instead purely for balance which works out about every 3rd step. I know it sounds a little strange but it works for me!

The tripod is the strongest structure you can find!

Go for it! People trnd to be far more considerate if you are using a stick!

Take Care and Enjoy / Love your stick!


I use a stick for balance too. I originally used it when my legs were very weak during two relapses last year but I still need it for balance and fatigue when I walk for longer than a couple of minutes now. My physio suggested I stick with it (no pun intended!), even though my legs are a bit stronger than they were, because I am still a bit wobbly and it’s better than people thinking I am drunk and it’s safer than wobbling and risking a fall.

I do feel safer with my stick and it is just for support really. I use it on the opposite side to my bad leg which is fortunate because it’s also my best hand. I found it difficult when my right leg was worse because I have little feeling in my left hand and did drop the stick, crack my ankle with it etc. Much easier when you can have the stick in the good hand which has better control ha ha!

My stick is bright red with a floral pattern - I agree that you have to make a statement with it . If I have another relase I’m going to cheer myself up by ordering a custom painted one - I have a design in mind which is very me …

Tracey xx

Its not my stick I have a problem with. I would be lost without it. No, my problem is getting in the car. I get in then have to sort of lift bad leg in too, then try to shut door not easy when your left arm is weak. Also if there is someone in the next bay you usually get an impatient look because in their eyes you are taking too long. I must apply for a blue badge it would a lot less stressful. Mags xx

Mags Blue Badges are great the wheelchair wont go up to the door if I am not in a disabled bay and as you say struggling to lift the offending limb in is difficult Heather has to lift mine in and out. she is an angel to me that girl she is up there now changing beds and sorting out stuff. I would offer to help but if looks could kill

Hi all

where do you get your sticks from? Mine is a boring black and I want a change!

Freckles x

Well so far so good…although already let it fall over and chip the paintwork whilst waiting to see the MS Nurse :wink: Freckles: mine was from the stick and cane shop online. Seemed to be cheaper than most places and they have loads of designs! It’s really just to help balance as I don’t have a good/bad side in that sense. I agree as well, folk seemed to be more considerate walking around me L x


Hi all

where do you get your sticks from? Mine is a boring black and I want a change!

Freckles x

[/quote] Hi Freckles Amazon do some lovely ones just type switch stick into the search bar x