One stick then two

It’s been a while guys but I do look in often. For a long while I managed with one stick now its two however my confidence is now shaken (as am I) I’ve tried walkers/frames. I still feel wobbly which is impacting on my independence, gradients freak me out! It feels like I am in the middle of an ocean in a leaky boat cheers guys M xx

Hi hellMS, good to hear from you again.

I’m at just about the same level of disability as you are.

I went to only one shop on Saturday with my one stick but had to put so much weight on it the stress went all the way up to my neck.

I’m seriously thinking about a scooter for going into town. Someone wrote earlier this year that getting a scooter was the best decision he’d made in a long time.

It would certainly enable me to get out and about without fighting to keep upright all the time.

I’ve fought PPMS for seven years and struggling to look “normal” is costing too much. I’ve decided i’d be better off with more aids so I can concentrate on the things I can do well and which give me a better quality of life.



Please make the decision to get a scooter,it really will give you more independence,you will be able to go out and about for much longer and feel better for it.It was the best thing i ever did.It did take me ages to get my head round getting one and i did feel a bit conscious at first but after that i was so pleased i got one.I had a w/c at first for a few yr but i hated the w/c.

J x

Thank you, much appreciated guys I had coffee today with my 41 year old niece who has been diagnosed with breast cancer, we chatted and laughed for two hours! We didn’t speak about C or MS, tomorrow she has her first radiotherapy treatment. It will be every day for the next 4/5 weeks, life is a bitch!

Take care and be safe, M x

Have you tried using crutches rather than sticks? I used to use sticks but as my stability got worse I felt that the sticks gave me no support and I felt very uncertain walking with them. The crutches make me feel much more stable with my weight being better balanced.

I used to use a crutch for stability. Couldn’t get on with a stick. I now use a wheelchair for any distance. However I ordered a rollator online for very short distance. It’s sleek, lightweight, yet sturdy and I’m very comfortable using it. Less of the frail old lady image about it and not at all clunky looking. (I’m 57 ) I’ve taken the bag off of it.


I don’t use a stick very often but I found that one of those claw sticks more reassuring.

An electric wheelchair and scooter have transformed my life. I’m more independent than I’ve been for ages.

The funniest thing is going to inaccessible shops and waving through the windows. Someone always appears. Everyone is really helpful but Euston Station can be a bit of a minefield.

If you feel the need for two sticks then it’s probably worth a go.

Best wishes, Steve

Euston Station! Steve, you’re so inspirational.

I see where you are coming from, would it seem over excitable of me to say I’m going to give the crutches/rollator/electric wheelchair and scooter a shot. I shall beg steal or borrow all of the items just as an experiment, watch this space

Much appreciate all of your advice, take care and be safe. M x

Get your gp to refer you to Physio who will assess you and give you something to use, before you go and buy anything and then find it’s unsuitable. Or contact your Occupational Therapist. You’ll be provided these items if you’re deemed a fall risk.

I bought my Rollator as I couldn’t bear to use the three wheeled one I was given. I use it indoors on a bad day. :slight_smile:

Hi John , there’s loads of good advice. I went to a shop mobility and they let me try out a scooter and a power wheelchai in their car park it helped me decide which was best but also get over the stigma of using one. At that stage I was adamant that I was going to get better but I was so weak that I couldn’t go out without my husband or sons pushing me in my manual chair. I loved the power chair so much that I bought a second hand one and then I was lucky I was accepted for training with an assistance dog. My life is much better now. I tried a rollator from the ot, but it wasn’t stable enough for me, I would end up on the floor crawling with it. I hope that might help. Michelle and Frazer xx sent from my mobile

Today guys I tried a rollator, I still needed the help of strangers to assist but I feel liberated. I did it on my own, I’m on a waiting list to see an OT, tomorrow elbow crutches. I had a rare chat with much older people who found me a chair!

Independence is such a precious thing, I’m not counting the help of strangers Take care, be safe M x

Two sticks today, decided to go for a walk till my foot stopped working and ended up having a coffee up the road. I’m happy with two sticks, it means I can go a bit further and then when bits stop working, I have both to lean on and give me my balance.