Had my first physio consultation/session today

And ended up with a splint and a cane, which wasn’t too bad. I was amazed how two simple devices could change so much to be honest, so today isn’t a bad day, no more relying on my nans wheelchair for now anyway.

I hope you’re all feeling good? It was a beautiful day til I came back from the hospital, like the devil child or something :frowning:


Hi Dave I know it’s so hard to get used to a cane at your age…but well worth it…I can’t tell you how many times mine has saved me from falling. Beautiful day here too until about an hour ago…the heavens have opened. Good luck and best wishes, Nina

Hi Dave

I also feel too young to be using a walking stick but it has saved me the indignity of falling flat on my face more times than I can count. If you want a more modern or foldable stick they’re very inexpensive on e bay. The ones I got from the physio were very old fashioned and silver and I felt very self conscious with it. I kept losing mine too, in the shed, garden or around the house, I now have 3, much better!

Cath xx

I saw the physio at the end of last week, my notes had gone walkies but she remembered me and considering I have done no exercise whatsoever for about 6 months (what with messing with meds. etc) she was impressed with my core strength - proof that pole dancing did do me some good!

I have exercises to do and he did suggest using 2 sticks if more comfortable s I’m reticent about becoming reliant on crutches so I struggle on with a stick

I’m glad you found it helpful

Sonia x