Hi everyone,

just thought I’d let you know I had a bit of good news today.

Was at my local rehab centre for an appointment with a physio and it turns out I don’t have foot drop.

She thought the lack of movement in my left leg was coming from my knee which was stopping my foot from lifting off the ground.

She has given me exercises to do and hopefully will get some improvement and won’t have to worry about tripping as I walk.

My walking will never again be perfect but if I can get some movement back in my left foot I will be delighted.

Once I get the hang of these exercises they will give me some exercises for balance.

Also saw OT and I am getting a perch chair and once we are in our new flat they will put in some grab rails.

So a very productive day.

Hope you are all well,

Mags xx


That’s great, really chuffed for you! It’s a good day then! Xx

Hi Mags,

Whar are the exercises she gave you. I would like to try them just in case my “foot drop” will improve.


Moyna xxx

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Hi Moyna,

There are too many of them to list but if you pm me your address I will send you a photocopy.

Mags xx

Me too please Robin, I’ll send you my address if you wouldn’t mind

Sonia x

Well done Mags!

Great it’s not foot-drop.

Hope you get into your new flat soon. OT had a level-access shower put in for me… so don’t forget to ask for that if you need it.

Pat xx

As well as physio you could try the local gym (run by the local authority, forget about training for a marathon [!], I believe that there is a scheme/concession for cases referred by their GP). Being a cynic, one could say it is another excuse to save money rather than employing more physiotherapists - BUT, it is physical thearpy in a supportive environment and complements (and even betters) the exercises you are doing. I hope this helps.

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Excellent news Mags, OT’s are wonderful. I got a new banister and it’s even better than I thought it would be in helping me up my stairs which curve. I’ve had no falls down them since. It’s fantastic what gadgets they have or can recommend you buy to make life easier. I’m really glad they can help your mobility too, any change for the worse is really distressing. Definitely a good day!!

Cath xx

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