Is This Foot Drop?

I’ve seen it mentioned by others and haven’t replied because I didn’t experience it but this morning I can’t raise my right foot without manually lifting it.

I’ve stumbled in the house when trying to walk.

If this doesn’t improve by keeping my weight on it, is there anything I can do?

Hi Mr G, it does sound like foot drop and you might find that it suddenly goes again. I’ve had it and it went away.

If not, there are various things on the market that can help. FES is one of them… here’s a fact sheet:

But if I were you I would see neuro or MS nurse before investing money in anything.

And fingers crossed it just goes away by itself,

Hope you’re doing ok otherwise? Miserable weather in London!

Pat x

Thanks Pat.

I’ve got an appointment with my MS physio a week tomorrow. I’ll mention it then whether or not it’s gone away.

It must be cold outside today as I’ve seen people in winter coats and one guy who always has his shorts on with his legs covered!

Hi Mr G; I’ve had this for years now. My tip: do L.O.T.S…!!! of hamstring stretches as this helps you lift your legs higher with ease. Every time I spend 20 minutes at the gym doing hamstring and ankle stretching exercises I know my foot-drop will be much easier for the next 48 hours. No exercise/stretches for a long period = nightmare.

Neuro physio is the way to go Mr Grumpy. It may not really improve (mine hasn’t) but it will prevent it getting much worse! For a while anyway! Teresa xx

Hi, foot drop is quite a common symptom of MS.

But it is a very bad one with me. It was my first symptom, when I tripped up and fell when walking. Even after all these years, I am still having problems even tho I am immobile. I call mine foot flop and drop!

yes, you could try several foot up type bits if kit. But the exercise tip from clucker pigeon sounds worth trying.

I am sure your physio will have ideas of help.


I have foot drop. I cant lift my right foot to walk and i catch the front of my foot on the ground then fall. I just been issued with a velcro & elastic device to help pull the front of my foot up. Seems to work, but is very tight around the ankle, so i just wear it for an hour or so each day. It also acts as a stretching method… raising & lowering the foot as the elastic springs the foot back into position so i use it as a form of foot excersise too

yes i was given the velcro and elastic device but as i wear velcro shoes its harder to use, i also found that it took skin of my toes which as i have not much feeling on my feet this meant it was really bad when we noticed. there was no way i could put it on by myself either. I go back again on Wednesday( which my ms nurse had sorted) I will let you know what they give me instead. Lisa

Ive used a musmate for two years now. It has a strap that goes around waist and shouder with an elasticated section down to the shoe and can be worn inside trousers. To be honest Id be lost.without it. Aids weakness in calf and footdrop. Got mine free from physiotherapy. Seen them advertised in MS magazine for 80 pound. I fix hook onshoe fixture to a bent piece of strong wire permanently fixed in front two eyes of shoe. Find this better than the velcro shoe fixture they supply. Best of luck Tony

Today the physio gave me a velcro contraption that ties through your laces attached to a velcro strapping on your shin called Foot-Up from Ossur and I’ve noticed the difference in that my foot isn’t going off at funny angles when I walk.

Morning G, just seen the post. Just beware when letting you leg/foot down from the bath or bed etc as ten pounds (or whatever) of uncontrolled foot hurtling to the ground can equal bruised toes, thus making walking even harder. Hopefully all the suggestions here will help so it may not come to that! Best wishes, Steve.