Advice on Walking problems.

Hi Everyone,

Just recently probably over the last year ive noticed that my walking is getting worse / I cant walk that far without feeling i need to sit and i have the wierdest sensation in my legs is so hard to explain like they might just collapse but i havent. Also the further i go the worse the balance gets.

Been to physio and i have been told to build stamina and strength and im finding it so hard. Was recommended swimming and thing is i can hammer up and down the pool.

Any advice?

Everyone looks at me and thinks im ok and i feel awful. Think im freaking a bit cause going to some friends next weekend and are planning a walk and im like… !@#$%^&!!


Hi Lynsey

I understand the pain and frustration you are in. I also swim and can fly up the pool like an Olympic athlete (sort of) but the leg pain when walking doesn’t seem to disappear.

I use the hot/cold technique quite a bit. Put something cold on your legs then a couple of hours later something hot. The change of temperature seems to settle the nerves down a little.

For many of us MS is an invisible disability. We look OK to other people from the outside. Its completely your choice but i tell people I have MS and how I’m feeling. People can deal with that how they wish. I have a sign on my desk at work which says ’ I’m here, I’ll do my best but don’t judge me, I’m in chronic pain and feel sh*t’.

Guess what I’m saying is that if you can’t do the walk with your friends next weekend just tell them. If they are good friends they will understand.

I wish you all the best xx


Hi Lynsey,

Have you got a Physio, if not may I suggest you ask your doctor to refer you to one.

I to feel just as you do but I see a Physio every other week and she has given me exercises which has strengthened my legs. They are hard to do at first but well worth the effort.

I stand in front of my kitchen sink and one leg at a time I raise it up as high as I can for ten times. Then repeat with the other leg.

Still holding onto the sink I stand on tip toes and lift myself up then down for ten times

Then still holding onto the sink I raise each leg alternately up and down for twenty times.

It is hard but I do it every day and now my legs are much stronger. But unfortunately my balance is no better so the Physio has advised me to always use a stick or rollator.

hope this helps and wish you the very best. Janet x

Pilates is good for walking & balance, as it improves your core stability. if you’re able to see a physio who specialises in neurological stuff, many of the exercises they do will be based on Pilates. My standing &P walking would always be better when doing the exercises at home.


Hi Dan,

I beg to disagree about excercises at home, if you do them every day it helps a great deal and builds up your core muscles which makes your legs stronger. But of course see a Physio who deals only with neuro’ problems. No offence meant Dan.



There are many different things that can cause issues with walking. So I suppose it is important to figure out which aspect you have so that you can address that issue. The problems can be spasticity, foot dorsiflextion weakness, hip flexion weakness or just balance.

If is is spasticity then intensive stretching or baclofen will help. If is is weakness then Functional Electrical Stimulation devices will help. A neuro physio will be able to point out the problems and advice what you can do.

Moyna x

No offence taken :slight_smile: I remember a physio saying that she could always tell which patients did their exercises at home, as they improved more quickly after a relapse. But I always feel an instant improvement after doing them as well.


hi lynsey

you must have read my mind.

i was just about to post the same question.

my legs are in constant pain and my walking has slowed right down.

the slowness is a recent development.

up until this week i could walk reasonably quickly and use a stick outside for balance.

this past week it has become so bad that i’m seriously expecting to need a wheelchair soon.

the wii fit used to help me with balance but it’s just not working any more. i thought it was the remote control and bought another one but still no joy.

i’m going to ask my tech savvy son to have a look.

carole x

I was diagnosed with ms a year ago and although I have balance problems (I fall over every two weeks or so) my walking has been fine until this week. Now I’m really struggling to walk more tthan 10 mins or so and even that is quite wobbly. I certainly can’t take my dog for a walk. I’m immediately feeling tearful and useless. Do I just have to accept it or can I do anything to help myself?

A physio will be able to identify areas of muscle weakness and suggest a programme of strengthening exercises to help. Some work on core stability should help improve balance problems.