I'm seriously struggling with walking, well struggling in general..

Hi guys, sorry to be posting again, just feel so alone,

My walking is deteriorating, I’ve struggled with walking for years but it varies, but I haven’t been this bad in a while, my legs feel so heavy and tight but I don’t trust them (one of my problems recently is falling) they feel unsteady, my mum was watching me walk and was complaining that I’m kicking my feet out to the side (almost like a duck), that i’m hardly bending my knees and that my back is arching quite badly (I feel my spine and it’s almost like my top half is stuck with the wind blowing on it) I don’t know if this is weakness in the muscles around my spine etc.

I’m also walking so slowly and it hurts, over the weekend I had long days as I was at a revision seminar I was in lectures most of the day and I’m noticing I’m getting a lot of pain simply through sitting in an upright position my legs ache (I’ve been getting the feeling of hot water running down my left leg) and my neck and lower back also hurt. I have to endure a 4 and a half hour exam on the third but I do have 10 minutes rest breaks each hour I just don’t know what i’m going to do, it’s too late to get any extra requirements really and I’ve already asked enough. Does anyone have any recommendations of cushions or anything that can relieve pain when sitting? So I think all the sitting may have contributed to the pain but I just feel so stiff and painful, yesterday after the seminar I woke up so exhausted I felt nauseous.

I’m also noticing numbess on the sides of my feet and two little toes when walking fast and numbness in my hands from holding a pen or carrying bags… is this worth mentioning to my GP? I’m seeing him on thursday… I know numbness is a sign of ms but as far as i’m aware I have no permanent numbness but this came on saturday, I was walking quickly to get my my lecture and the sides went numb. I’ve noticed the numbness in my hands for a bit longer.

I feel like a hypochondriac but this is very real. I feel very alone , I got a glare from an elderly woman as I was sat at the bus stop, I felt guilty, there was plenty of room for her to sit but I just couldn’t face standing any longer but got the impression she thought I was lazy, selfish, ignorant to her needs. I just wanted to shout that my body is failing me just because I’m young doesn’t mean I don’t need to sit down. Sorry I’m feeling low. I hope I get some understanding and that you are all coping as best as your day will let you, take care.

Hi LS, sounds like you having an awful time, sending hugs. I’m not dx MS but I do have degenerative disc disease (seperate to my neuro symptoms) so really understand chronic back pain.

Like you I find sitting difficult but I really find that a hot water bottle behind me helps a lot. And if possible have a break from sitting but I appreciate that in an exam that’s not easy. Also a non drowsy pain killer such as Diclofenic may help, you Gp can prescribe. Is it really to late to speak to the examiners to allow you rest breaks, I would ask anyway if I were you.

Do you use a stick? Not only does it help with walking but when you are insituations such as the bus stop etc if people see you use a stick they have a better understand as to why you may need to keep your seat.

Also I would mention the numbness to the GP.

WIshing you the best of luck xx

I’m sorry to hear you’re feeling so rough. I hope that it eases off very soon for you. You’re not alone Hun, we’re all here. Get a drs appointment and tell him what’s going on. Maybe you need some better pain relief for the bad days. Also, perhaps you’ve over done it a bit? I’m terrible if I overdo anything so I know how you feel. Big, gentle hugs from me xxxs

I am the same legs so stiff i can’t lift them people say i don’t bend my knees i do, but if i bend too much i fall, i have fallen alot i don’t leave house unless i go drs or hospital appointments, so i’m kind of bed bound atm have a mri next week so your not alone.