hi, sorry but i feel the need to have a moan.

I’m having problems walking and this may/may not be ms related.I feel like i’m walking on a slope all the time.coming down steps is a nightmare and one heel is very painful.Once i get moving i can cope for a little while but as soon as i tire its agony and i can hardly move.This is quite a difference to how I used to be before my 1st flare.Not dx.I went to see my dr a while back but i didn’t get anywhere really, other than take pain killers, use a padded insole and walk with a stick. A month later this is no better and the distance i can walk is greatly reduced, bladder is a nightmare and i’m embarrassed at the amount of times i wet myself when i get to the bathroom.Itried to make an appointment to see a dr on wed for any day/time with anyone, no appointment slots at all, had to try again on friday, again no slots showing , try again on monday.does anyone else have a practice like this?

if when i get to see my dr and i ask about ms she has said i’m the only patient she has and she doesn’t know about ms.there is no ms nurse for my area, if i want to change neuros then i can see ms nurse. everything feels like an uphill struggle.

mum still thinks i’m just lazy and husband does nothing to help.mum thinks i should see to his every need.

just feels too hard

Sending you (((big hugs)))

I know how it feels when the husband does nothing as i’m sure mine doesn’t truly understand what i feel physically, i’m also not diagnosed yet. The rest of the family don’t understand either & just think I’m lazy.

I feel like I am walking on sponge all the time, my spatial awareness is rubbish, I haven’t a clue where I’m placing my feet half the time, I walk into things all the time, especially the doorways & I can’t judge how high to lift my leg if I want to step over something. My feet hurting is a new thing to me, only really been having trouble this last week. I also walk with a crutch for stability.

I have to say my GP surgery have been fantastic but i’ve only been with them a few months as my last one was awful, it was constant locums so there was no continuity of care, we changed for this reason, could you look at moving surgery ?

Sorry all that waffling hasn’t helped but just wanted to send hugs & say you aren’t alone xx

I’m considering changing but it feels like too much effort.I’m wondering if i can walk into another practice and ask if any drs know about ms first. I like my neuro though and would miss her if i move to a different area that has better care for ms patients.

How long have you been undiagnosed. Its a year for me. Symptoms have never truely gone completely and where you can cope with difficulties or pain for a few days, day after day is exhausting.

thanks for replying, it helps to know that someone else knows how i feel. wish it would go away as i’m sure you do

I’ve been suffering this time since 16th Jan, I remember the exact date as it was the last day I was able to work doing a job that I loved with all my heart. I’ve had episodes like this before over the last few years but it has never even come into discussion with a doctor before now that it might be MS, in fact it was only mentioned on Monday so it is all really new to me although it is something I had thought myself before but kept pushing to the back of my mind.

If I were you I would look into other surgeries as it sounds like you are getting no where with yours but maybe ask to still see the same neuro ?