I'm new too!

Hi everyone, I’ve been reading everyone’s posts for about the last 2 months and am really pleased I can finally say hello. I’m not diagnosed yet and am not really sure whether I will be but all my symptoms seem to point towards it. I have had problems with balance for some time - often feeling if I’m a ball in a pin ball machine as i zig zag across the room. Back in April I started having walking problems where one of my legs felt like concrete. Then there’s the strange feeling in both feet - sort of burning, tight and pins and needly which is sometimes more intense than others. And there’s the stupid leg jerks which wake me and my husband up at night, occasionally get them in my hands too but much milder. And there’s the trips to the loo which start and stop and start again. I’ve had MRI’s of brain and spine and a lumbar puncture too. The brain one only showed areas of altered signal. The spine one suggested there was some areas of damage but not (apparently)consistent with MS and I haven’t had the other results yet. I go back to see the neurologist at the end of September . The MRI results are only through my GP and have not as yet been commented on by my neuro. I’ve been off work since the beginning of May and need to think about going back but at the moment I’m not sure if I could manage a full day - doing the ironing for half an hour brings me out in a sweat and I can only walk for 20-30 minutes without feeling shattered. The tireder I get the more wobbly I get too. I just thought I’d say hello and thanks to anyone who has read this far. I suppose I’m really just wondering if you think it may be MS too or if you’ve got any other suggestions.