New to this...

Hi All,
I have been reading posts on here for a couple a months now, however, this is the first time I have ventured to post anything. So please bear with me.
I have been suffering from a variety of symptoms since May this year, sometimes, not as severely as others. For the past couple of days, I have had pain in the back of my neck, and in my lower back. I have had head pains that feel a little like sinus pains, an itching sensation deep within my ear. And I feel a little bit disorientated, unbalanced when standing. This is in addition to the tingling legs when I walk any distance, sheer exhaustion, arms that feel like lead, and a horrible sensation in my arms and legs, that seems to intensify as soon as I get into bed. I have been holding off going to see my GP, as I have a Neuro appointment on 16th Oct. However, I have been off work for the past 2 weeks, and I’m not sure I’m up to returning tomorrow.
I am not expecting a diagnosis from anyone, I think I just need a little reassurance. I try not to read too much into other peoples symptoms (not that I do not empathise) but I think you can convince yourself of things sometimes. And it seems to be a common thread that everyone has been made to feel that it’s all in their head at some time. Sorry for my ramblings, any feedback will be greatly appreciated.

Hiya, poor you, symptoms sound horrid, really feel for you. Have had the tingling and numbness too, mainly in legs but the worst thing has been the lower back pain, I’m like a robot initially when I stand, waiting for limbs to get going. Diagnosed on Monday with MS on first vist to neuro; got some advice beforehand to go to GP and request MRI before neuro appt ( had to wait 14 weeks); this paid off as results were ready within 4 days from MRI and sent straight to neurologist so we were able to look at them together and he kindly pointed out all my brain lesions! Might be bit late for you now though to get this done in advance seeing as your appt is on 16th but might still be worth asking GP to make MRI referral so it’s in the system prior to your neuro appt? Good luck, thinking of you Wicks

hi, in my experience it is not the GP who orders MRIs in neurology, but the neuro himself, if he thinks it would be helpful.

I am awaiting an appt with my urologist. I saw the neuro recently and she said a scan would be the way to go to find out what is causing my tum pain, following a catheter operation. When I mentioned the scan to my GP, she said it is up to the uro to order it, not her! being sent all around the houses!

As your neuro appt is imminent, it may be best to try to grin and bear it till then, eh?

Have you returned to work or got more sick leave? Sounds like you aren`t fit for work.

keep us posted, yeh?