Hello, newbie here, poss getting diagnosis today


Been reading the posts here which have been really helpful.

As yet I am undiagnosed, but have had a brain MRI and a nerve conduction test in left foot/leg (have lost feeling). I was referred to a Consultant Neurologist by my Neuro Surgeon (have 2 previous spinal surgeries for degenerative disc disease). I have been informed that there are “some areas” showing on my brain, but I won’t get the full picture until later today when I see the Neurologist.

The worst symptoms for me are extreme dizziness/loss of balance, a horrible buzzing/tremor type feeling going right through my core and more recently continuous tinnitus. I also have constant pins and needles in my left foot/leg/hand/arm, electric shock type pains in my lower left leg/foot/toes , blurry/shaky vision, confusion and sometimes difficulty swallowing.

Does anyone else experience these and are these typical of MS, and if so do you know of anything that will lessen the symptoms? I am unable to work at the moment as my GP and employers consider it too dangerous because I am prone to falling over a lot.

In a way I hope the diagnosis is Ms cos at least then I will know what is going on, at the moment I just feel like i’m going mad ! It would be great if anyone can share similar experiences with me.


Hiya, good luck today! I can so relate to the constant dizziness and buzzing throughout my body. I’m sure I’m going to keel over at any moment but amazingly never do. I went to the gp originally as my hand hand gone numb and weak but over the weeks waiting for my neurology appointment so many other things keep happening, today I can barely lift my left leg, making it into work and pretending everything is fine is a constant battle, also I have lots of twitches today in lots of places. Sometimes I think it’s all in my mind, it helps to come on here. Keep us posted on how you get on. Xx

Hi Sumslady, sorry to hear you are getting more symptoms. i agree it’s hard to work with this dizzyness and balance going. I have been signed off work for the moment as my GP and employers feel its too dangerous for me to be there. I do a lot of training presentations which involve me standing and walking around for hours at a time and rcently someone accused me of being drunk because i was swaying and slurring. That was a reallt low point for me. :frowning: One thing I have noticed recently, don’t know if you get the same… i seem to feel a lot more dizzy and off balance after my morning shower?! Very odd. And looking back that has been going on in a more subtle way for a couple of year, i was convinced I was going into early menopause for a while. Any, what will be will be, I will keep you posted :slight_smile: