Newbie - hello all

Hi there Have been lurking a few days so thought I would just pop up and say hello. I don’t know if I have MS but I think it’s a possibility and I’m quite scared on the one hand but also feeling a bit of a fraud in case it turns out I don’t have it - which would be great, except my symptoms must have a cause so if not that, then what? So anyway, obviously no-one here can tell me if I have it or not, but my symptoms are: tingling feet and legs, was constant now intermittent mostly triggered by walking fast; wobbly legs when the tingling is worst; tingling skin on my upper back; coccyx pain when sitting (unrelated?); fatigue - could be caused by v low iron which I also have. Then just in the last couple of days a couple of times I’ve done v minor stupid things - driving the wrong way (twice), forgetting to do things, forgetting to save a document I’d lots of work on. All could be just normal tiredness but odd that they’ve all happened together. Trouble is once you suspect something you start to notice and worry about things that could be quite normal. Had first neuro appt a couple of weeks ago - nothing significant on the exam she did- referred for spine MRI and EMG. Now waiting. Neuro refused to say what she thought the cause might be - said she didn’t know whether central or peripheral cause even. Though I notice her letter to my GP said may have to consider inflammatory conditions - could mean MS? If anyone has any other possible explanations or words of advice or reassurance v happy to hear them! Thanks for reading, and sorry for the rant, Clare

Just to say hi too. I’m waiting to see neuro as well and have had the tingling/burning, balance problems etc also like you went the wrong way up one wayroad this wweek and 1day couldn’t find my way to work! I also keep expecting to be told I’m a fraud as I saw a different neuro 3 yrs ago for similar symptoms and got told they were normal everyone had them X

Hi welcome x

Hi Clare, welcome. Like Arwen I’m waiting for my first neuro appt and haven’t a clue what is wrong with me. I too fully expect to be told they cannot find anything but it would be lovely to know what is going on just so you can deal with it. Everyone is really good with advice on here and lots of support

Sharon x

Hi Clare and welcome, You’re not ranting…but it’s good to let things out anyway! As you’ve not doubt gathered by now, it can take a while to get a diagnosis. Lots of things can mimic ms type symptoms and they need to be ruled out first. Unfortunately there isn’t any ‘one test’ for MS either, so neuro’s can’t really commit to anything until they have the evidence to back it up. It also means that for some people it can be a long haul, whilst for others it’s a relatively quick process. I’m sure others will probably agree that limboland is not a nice place to be, but you will get there and we all know what it’s like so you mustn’t feel like a fraud; we’re here to help where we can (and listen). Fingers crossed the MRI sheds a bit of light on things, also your neuro will have a better idea of where to go next too. Good luck, let us know how you get on. Debbie xx

Hi Clare and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

The symptoms you are experiencing could be caused by any number of neurological conditions, or something as simple as a vitiman deficiency. There are also lots of inflamatory conditions besides MS, so if your neuro is sending you for an MRI then that’s a good start to finding out exactly what’s going on. She probably wouldn’t hazzarad a guess at diagnosis, because that’s exsctly what it would be at this stage, a guess.

In the meantime try to take each day as it comes, keep a diary of your symptoms as they come and go, try not to worry about things too much, which i know is hard - but really is necessary - or you will drive yourself crazy trying to second guess things (i know from personal experience!).

Your symptoms are being investigated, so things will become clearer in time, until then we are all here if you have any questions. Good luck and let us know how you get on?

Laura x

Hi Clare and welcome. Low iron can affect you in many ways but it’s not necessarily the answer to all your problems. When I had iron deficiency anaemia I had pins and needles in my feet within about five minutes of standing on a train and then I had what I call marshmallow foot where I would feel like my feet were treading on marshmallows as I walked and felt like I was going to fall, then of course fatigue which can cause memory problems. Most of this is possibly caused by the oxygen not travelling very efficiently to the extremities. I think most doctors would clear up one symptom before they will try and diagnose another. The EMG tests for electrical impulses are usually to rule out carpal tunnel (I had/have this but this is a different story) and ruling out the inflammatory markers would be to rule out rheumatoid arthritis and lupus amongst others. I think most specialists (and I know when I was referred to the immunologist) will not take on a case unless things like anaemia are sorted as they can present with similar symptoms so it’s probably best to make sure this problem is done and dusted before moving on. If I was to suggest anything it’s pressurising your GP into sorting out your low iron asap so you can be referred to others if your symptoms persist. Best wishes. Liz

Thanks everyone. It’s really reasurring to find others in the same boat, and there is so much I don’t know about all this (despite quite obsessive googling). I think my iron level is back up (it should be the number of pills the doc ordered!) but who knows. Anyway, MRI and EMG this week and next so I guess I may know more soon… Thanks again everyone. Will update if/when more news…