Hello I’m currently experiencing some weird symptoms that I’m finding hard to explain to people. Feel like a massive burden on people and that because there’s so many different things happening that even i think I sound like I’m making it up! Firstly my arms keep going weak to the point that typing in work is hard and painful. My hand cramps when I move my thumb. My whole arm keeps going stuff and kind of feels like stone and really cold. I’m getting shooting pains up my legs and can’t keep them still when this happens. My feet, arms, hands and face go numb. My left foot is so sensitive if anything touches it I physically cringe it’s like being tickled with a feather. Anything touches any part of my body it hurts. I keep getting stabbing pains in my head. My headaches are so bad I actually thought I was dying a few days ago. Went to my gp in October last year and expressed my concerns only to be shot down and told it’s nothing serious. 11 weeks ago i went back to the gp (different one) and got told quite clearly I think you have ms. He referred me to a neurologist finally got the appointment 2 days ago for 3 weeks time. I’m worried about going in case they think I’m stupid and say there’s nothing wrong with me. Please help

hi taxi

it’s not long until your appointment.

i was lucky to be referred to a neuro who did outreach from salford royal (the main neuro centre in manchester).

he was totally lovely.

asked lots of questions about my job - i was a teacher, he asked if i had a lot of stress.

he was so easy to talk to and he wrote everything up and copied me in to all letters.

ask if you can be copied in to the letters. (they write to your GP so just be copied in).

he should tell you about further tests that may be needed.

ask about symptom management because your GP will definitely prescribe when advised by a consultant.

i really hope you don’t have ms but if you do, it’s not the end of the world.

try to control your stress because it’s something that we should all be taught in school.

deep breathing helps a lot, in through the nose to a count of 3, hold for 3 and exhale through the mouth slowly.

good luck

carole x

Hi, well, there clearly is something going on that shouldnt be going on.

Write a list of your current symptoms, but dont make it into an essay.

Neuro will ask lots of questions and examine you.

Hopefully he will then order tests and review you in due course.

Good luck chuck and give up thinking youre stupid. Youre not, I`m sure!


Thanks everybody, I’m hoping it’s not anything serious because I already have a lot of things wrong with me already so don’t need anything else! I have peutz jeghers syndrome, pernicious anaemia,Gilbert’s syndrome, short bowel syndrome and delayed gastric emptying. Also suffer horrific migraines. Sometimes think my body just simply hates me. Hopefully the neurologist will get me sorted out