Hi all.

About 2 -3 months ago, i first noticed a pain in my back, on my lower spine area, mostly when in bed, I then started getting a really itchy right calf. This persisted for a week or two. I then started to get indiscriminate pains in my right leg, sometimes in calf, the thigh, groin , buttock…just kept moving about. At the same time my right foot felt cold and the ankle sensitive. This lasted for a month or more. I had been to the GP about the weird sensation in my foot etc. He had taken bloods and they came back with slightly high readings associated with my liver and cholesterol, but nothing to worry about apparently. I am having a repeat for comparison to rule out anything untoward. He did have concerns about the foot feeling and referred me to a neuro… After a night out, with much drink and little sleep, the next day, both legs were aching and as the day progressed I felt an incredible tiredness. The next 2 days were awful with complete exhaustion / fatigue and an uncomfortable aching in both legs with sensitive skin. Since then both legs are constantly achy and weak and I have had the odd feeling in arms. I have returned to the GP and explained symptoms he has now changed the referral to urgent. I have searched up symptoms which always lead to MS. It’s probably far to early to worry, but the symptoms have progressed for weeks, they have changed, however they are still there. The increased discomfort and weakness in my legs, is causing me to worry more and more. Am I being paranoid?

Fyi 42 yr old male.

hi there

when you get your appointment with a neurologist, you should talk about all of your symptoms - when they started, if they got worse or went away.

you should be given an MRI.

it will take a few weeks before you get the results.

if your legs are a worry, ask for a referral to physiotherapy.

meanwhile, learn how to relax.

mindfulness meditation is brilliant for this.

carole x

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Hi Carole…Thanks for Replying.

i do need to find a way to think about something else. Every time I feel a pain or tingle, I have a sense of foreboding wash over me. Ignorance would have been bliss at this stage. Researching things, though informative, is not always the best policy, may have been best not knowing for now.

Im keeping a diary on my iPad as to not forget anything, so hopefully can get everything across when needed.

I don’t know if I am jumping to conclusions with self diagnosis, but from what I have read and likening to what I feel like, I can’t find any other explanation.

hi again k

have you had your vit B12 and vit D3 levels checked.

low levels can cause ms-like symptoms and they are easily remedied.

good luck

carole x

I don’t know if they have been checked… Would they check them in normal blood tests? I need to speak to GP after today…so can ask.

Things seem to be happening so fast.

This evening, I could feel my legs developing more pain, to the point I didn’t know what to do, wasn’t sure if to bend, tense… They were like it for 5-10 mins, then the pain went and was left with hot pins and needles in both feet. Scary thing is… Does it hurt more than that… Who knows! I haven’t felt anyone else’s pain. I’ve gone from having irritating pains in my leg and foot, to that in less than a week. I need this referral to come through fast.

Hi there. First of all it could be any number of things. Hopefully it will be something that can be resolved. I would like to offer a piece of advice if I may. Don’t let the GPS send you for an MRI for just the lower back. I had 7 scans in 10 years which showed nothing. The doctor was telling me it was all in my mind and there was nothing wrong with me. After a move and change of surgery the new doc sent me for full spine and brain scan. She was shocked that it had not been done before. Scarring showed in top of spine and not long after I got diagnosis My experience with approximately 20 different doctors over a 10 year period is that only 1 of them had knowledge of MS. I have moved again unfortunately… even with diagnosis the new GP is just as useless as the first lot

What symptoms did you have for 10 years that kept them sending you for a lower back MRI only?