Thinking this is Ms

Long story short we’ll shortish. I’m 51 I had a, mri of my head in September multiple legions. Following this I had bloods and xrays of hips and knees. Everything normal. I’ve had weird stuff for pushing 20 years but never realy saw a, gp over it. Donkeys years, ago I got out of bed and fell to the floor it was as though I couldn’t feel my legs. I couldn’t stand for a, few minutes. This never happened again I didn’t go to a Dr. Over the years I’ve had numbness, tingling, Joint paine, muscle aches, weird heavy feelings in my arms and legs like there weighted down, I have memory loss, depression, sleep issues, bladder issues, weird feelings in my eyes, tingling,stuff, I’ve now told the gp about all this stuff and have been referred to a nurolgist I go on 14 nov I’ve paid private due to a long long Waite other wise. The Dr has mentioned ms and I’m thinking after research yes I bet it is. I’m worried to some degree. Unsure what will happen. I’ve been keeping a, record this month of my symotoms Its the pain I can’t stand it keeps me awake there’s no comfort. Hopeing to finally get answers. I can go months and be fine then it all starts again this past year things have got worse with less time between I guess attacks.

Hi Paula, I also paid private to see my first neuro, as there was a 10 month wait…that was waaaaay back in 1999.

After the initial appointment, I transferred to NHS and saw the same neuro again. It was he who said I should do this.

It could be MS and perhaps the RR type, seeing as you have periods with no problems.

There are some really good meds for neuropathic pain. I take amitripyline and swear by it, although it doesnt suit everyone.

I hope you find some to help.

Let us know how you go on.


Thankyou for you’re reply I will do.

Hi Paula,

Sorry to hear about all your symptoms but glad you’re getting on a neurologists list.

My top tip is to keep a symptom diary so glad to hear that you are.

When symptoms started, what they were, when they ended etc.

Write down dates of any medical appointments, who with and what was said and their outcome too.

Any equipment you need. etc.

I’ve kept one for 30 years and it tracks my MS. Really useful when I applied for PIP.

Hope it isn’t MS but this site is great for advice etc.

Take care.


Thankyou. I’ve got a mri of my lower back in a, couple of weeks to check I’ve no issues, with say a, trapped nerve causing the numbness in my legs. I just want to get to the bottom of it all.