Any advice grateful.

Hi everyone, I’m not sure I’m in the right place as I haven’t had a diagnosis of any kind it was just a colleague asked if I thought I had ms due to some symptoms I am having. If I’m honest it never crossed my mind until then and then I did the worst thing…and googled it. Varying stories and symptoms which everybody seems to have different. I started 4/5 months ago with back trouble which out of hours Dr said was muscle spasm, I was then getting pain around my abdomen after a few days which my gp said was spasm again due to my posture because of the back pain. I then started with numbness and tingling down the front of both legs and in my first 2 toes. This has gradually got worse and now have weakness in both legs but worse in my right side. I get all kinds of weird sensations, tingling, warmness/burning, itching which can’t scratch away if that makes sense, shooting pains or just generally aching. This numbness is also worse now it’s all round my private area, my stomach and lower back and a lot of pressure round my back like I’m wearing something really tight. The fact I’ve had it for so long is worrying as it doesn’t seem to be improving. I’ve had episodes of dizziness and being quite unsteady when getting up and walking. When this first started I booked in with a chiropractor and also had a deep tissue massage, none of these have helped the numbness. After several trips back to my gp asking for a scan he referred me to a physio unit who sent me for a scan. This showed a slight bulge on a disc but nothing that should be causing these symptoms, no trapped nerve etc. Also I had an appointment at the opticians which showed a problem with my optic nerve and was seen at a clinic who will see me again in 2 months. Headaches and tiredness too which I have just been putting down to worrying too much and lack of sleep. I have been back to my gp and he’s put me on gabapentin and referred me to neurologist, I have an appointment on 9th October. I’m sorry for such a long post I’m just wondering could this be ms? Has anybody had these symptoms with spasms etc and if it is have the symptoms eased off or will I be like this permanent. I’m a single mum of 2 and quite worried. Thankyou


well it could be, but then again…

Only a neurologist can dx MS after all the test are done which involves MRI, evoked potentials, history, possibly lumbar puncture etc. I’d say as a starting point keep a diary of your symptoms, severity, how long they last, and so on, as you will be asked about this at your appointment.

If waiting till October is unbearable you can go private, then if confirmed he/she can refer you back to the NHS.

Oh, and stay away from Dr Google!


I have had similar symptoms to you and more :frowning: and not got a diagnosis yet. Some of the symptoms do go. As AngC says only a neurologist can do a diagnosis. That is such a long wait for your appointment, maybe try and phone his secretary and ask if you can get one sooner. Good luck x

Hi AngC, thankyou for your advice a diary sounds useful I think I will do that. I’ve stayed away from Google since finding this site. I might look into going private depends how much it is and how many consultations it will be, I’m not so worried about a diagnosis I mean I don’t want it to be ms but I’ll deal with whatever it may be. I’m more concerned I’ve had the numbness for so long it won’t ever be normal again. I appreciate your help thankyou x

Thankyou guzlover, I think it’s more frustrating with not knowing. I have phoned to see if they have a cancellation list but they don’t unfortunately but they did say I could phone and check every now and then but there isn’t often any cancellations for neurologists. Thankyou and good luck too x

Zko 81, we have been having symptoms for around the same time. The good news is some of them do go away, so please don’t get stressed as it makes things worse. I was numb from my shoulder to my foot for 3 months and a couple of weeks ago the feeling came back :slight_smile: Being in limbo is awful. We don’t want to have ms but we need to know what is causing these symptoms. Today I have really bad pain/burning around my right rib cage and feel nauseous. I am sure we will get there in the end :slight_smile: x

Thanks Guzlover, that’s good to hear you got the feeling back I’m pleased for you. I felt a little better 3 days last week still numbness but not as wobbly but that’s been back again since yesterday and all today tightness round my waist and legs:( hope you get some answers and feel better soon, take care x

Brilliant advice again by AngC. To show you why you must go by what a Neurologist say’s this complaint mimics MS symptoms; even shows lesions;

This is a safe website Newly diagnosed | MS Trust take a look around.