MS or no


I am finally awaiting an MRI and appointment with neurology for something I feel has been on going for far too long. Brief mention of MS by the doctor.

It started about 5 years ago when I had a few falls with no explanation. Then the hand tremor started. I was 30 at time. Doctor thought it could be circulation and i was sent to physio as I also had back pain. Doctor just said my reflexes are good.

I have been so tired to the point i havent made food, got sent home from work or had energy for a bath or shower. This can vary day-day.

Over time these symptoms come and go. If i walk over certain distances my feet swell and I cant walk until the swelling reduces. Then the vertigo started 2 years ago which again comes and goes. I am also awaiting a hearing test as certain noises can be painful and I dont hear as well as i used too.

Then the numbness/pins and needles, once or twice in my face with shooting pains at points in my eyes. Both hands and feet numb spreading to the bottom of my legs

I feel like I am fed up going to the doctors, i feel like this is all in my head. I have ongoing leg, hip and back pain and constantly feel like a hypochondriac.

My question is, has anyone had a similar time frame for different symptoms at different times? I have bloods booked Tuesday so dont know if these can highlight anything. Ive had 100s of bloods and last year the doctor queried RA.

I feel like im always that person with something wrong, this year its gradully getting worse. Thank you

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Hi Alex hope you are ok buddy …tbh its best you get checked out. bloods and mabey a mri. have you talked to your Gp and asked for advice ? You seam to have lots of symtoms are you depressed stressed atm …only a doctor or nurolgist can tell you if its something buddy . Keep your chin up …hopeful its nothing but best get checked out…

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Thanks doomer, doc again Friday. I think im more stressed with what is or isnt happening with my body and getting no answers. My doctor’s are a nightmare just now, last app 6 weeks ago and told to book bloods which I did and there was a 6 weeks wait just for them :relieved:

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Tbh buddy its a mess you can thank the government… try and take it easy and not stress unfortunately this stuff takes time i hope you get some answers soon . Keep us posted buddy .

I will do. Thank you. Hope you are doing ok also

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Good luck for today Alex … hope you get some answers :thinking:

Thanks doomer. Just left the appointment, wait for the bloods on Wednesday. Went into my appointment with a bad tremor in my right hand. Said it could be anxiety :joy: near the end of the road with them

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Chin up buddy . See if your bloods come back out of range .and see wot the doctor says .remember doing myn and my WBC was about. 15.000 well out duno how i was functioning tbh .m

How are you doing doom? My bloods were all good, so finally for a referral to neuro-woke up today and could barely move my arm alongside pins and needles in my feet. Really hoping jts this year, doctor’s can only give meds which are not doing much.

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Hi buddy.

Glad your bloods came back ok .i remember when i had my last attack and my whole right side went weak leg arm face .had tranverse myelitis and im still broken now …so best to get checked out by nuro .buddy asap if you can … i put up with mine for over 3 months. Trying to do normal things was like having a permanent stroke…wife made me go A&E as im to stubborn. To go but it all takes time . Hopful the nuro can give you some answers… good luck with it buddy .keep us posted how you get on …

Hi Alex,
How long do you have to wait for the neuro? I’ve been referred but there’s a six month waiting list, so I probably won’t see anyone until September.

I’ve had bloods taken for everything, my GP thought it I might be coeliac, but the results were negative. So back to the drawing board.

Can I ask, how’s often do you have episodes?
Ive had a nerve pain in the left side of my face since March. I’ve been given Gabapentine and it isn’t as sore as it was, but I constantly have spasms all over my body.

ive been told upto a year :pensive: Ive been getting worse since April Easter holidays thats when the dead foot/pins and needles started. Ive had a few things for a few years but ive had “long breaks” feeling ok. Im on amitriptyline but as doomer said im in 2 minds about also goibg to A and E just to see if it can move things on. Ive been off work all week, im shattered. Doomer how was your diagnosis process? Im only thinking MS because the doctor briefly mentioned it

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