Unsure and frustrated

Good Evening everyone, I hope your all keeping well. New to this forum and looking for some advice, guidance and support.
I haven’t got a confirmed diagnosis, my GP has refereed me to neurology. So I wait for the day my appointment arrives.
So I will give an overview, I had experienced dizziness off and on but never thought anything of it, then whilst out running I fell over nothing, my leg just gave in, fell flat on the floor. Since then I started to experience other things tingling in my hands, numbness in my hands, poor balance, unsteadiness, and lethargy after walking distance: I literally have to make exceptional effort to get back home, my legs are like jelly. Today my calf’s are painful and tender in both legs. Keeping upright sometimes when I’m exhausted is hard. Ive also had two UTIs in one month. I’m 51 never been unwell never visit GP. Just wondering if this resonates with anyone. Google is terrifying when you put symptoms into the search bar. I’m sure it’s MS. I have a stressful job work out of hours on an on call Rota too. Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone

Welcome Mandylou.

Just noticed that no one has replied to you.

Make a brief time line list of your most troubling symptoms, when they started how long they lasted, for your neurology appointment.

Have you got a date yet for your appointment? Waits can be rather long if it is the NHS.

Hi thanks so much for replying. Yes I will complete a time line I hadn’t thought about that to be honest. The neurologist has accepted my referral by my GP, I have to wait between 14 and 24 weeks. I don’t even know if it is MS but my symptoms indicate it could be.

Thanks for your support x

Quite a wait, but not as bad as some. The waiting is nerve-wracking though, so be nice to yourself, give yourself some relaxing ‘me time’.

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