Could be ms

Hi new to all this and kinda just wanted to come to something where someone might get what your feeling. I have been going to my Doctors for at least 3 years with and on off numbing, tingly Feeling in my legs sometimes it feels like the bloods bee drained And they feel like their going cold. Had all the physical examinations And told syatica. Until this year after the birth of my second child the pains and feeling in my legs Seem to come on more regular. Got rush for a lower mri and all came back fine but Got told to go back to doctors for neurology referal Yet been scared I didnt got for 6 months and just felt like put up and shut up about It all.then started numbness and pins and needles in my arms and sharp pains from my eye and a constant Haze. Until my partner made me go where i was put for an urgent neurology referral I have seen the neurologist 2 weeks ago and also opathamolgy due to blind spots in my eyes And showed weakness in my physical with him. He has sent through for a MRI and other testing Which I do not know when I will get those appointment? Any help on how long they take to come Through? Also had 14 viles of blood taken. He mention ms at that point I kinda went blank Due to my best mates mu. Having it and having cared for her until she sadly turned to an angel due to it. Anyone have any sort of answer or reassurance would be good.


i think given what you have said, that MS would explain a lot of these symptoms. Blood tests will not determine if you have MS or not.

in my trust an MRI is a 5 week wait, I waited 2 months for my lumbar puncture, 2 months for Visual evoked potentials. Then another 2 months awaiting a clinic appointment but this could just be wait times in my area.

My MS was more active after having my kids too.

I know it is very hard if you know someone who has suffered with MS, but I can assure you, there are thousands of people with MS that you would never even guess had it, that live good lives. New medication is researched all the time and treatments have come a long way.

good luck xxx

Hi Thank you for commenting. I have now got my MRI booked in 2 weeks, so haven’t had to wait too long The limbo period I guess is the annoying part… Would you be able to suggest how I can deal with the pain, At the moment I’m having a bad time with my arms and my head pains, I seemed to start feeling Good then after 3 days it’s like bang really painful. Thank you xx