hi everyone

im new to this dont really know where to start recently had an mri and awaiting the results how long this will take i dont know. However i thought i would throw a few of my symptons out there and see what some of you think. firstly i noticed about 3/4 years ago that id start dropping things without relizing id dropped whatever until it landed also about the same time i would get what i can describe as pins and needles but not pins and needles in my fimgaers if that males any sense followed by numbness to them.

About the same time i also noticed that if I went for a bit of a walk which i used to do quite often that on coming home iI could barely walk up the stairs because of a stiffness like pain in my Knees and upper thighs.since then looking back ive struggled with my memory and focusing on things or not focusing i dont seem to be able to get my mind round things like i used to be able to.

I asked my gp about 18 months ago about ms because someone suggested that i speak to him about it and he just brushed it aside as if i was being a stupid middle aged woman.

However i moved just after this and changed gps and about 12 months ago i saw my gp about bladder symptons i was having and was refered to a uroligist where ive had various tests the last being video dynamics which is where probs are put inside you and you are filled with a water solution and sat on a commode like thing with an xray machine round you to see whats happening as it turns out nothing is happening i get my urgency and leaking and then i pass my waters as you would however my uretha is not opening up and therefore my bladder is not empty about 300mls left and my uroligist

said about an mri to check for ms so the long and short of it is do i i or dont i .

thanks in advance for any guidence

sorry forgot to mention that these are not my only symptons the lst would go on forever if i did

thankyou once again

Hello and welcome :slight_smile:

Although your symptoms are found in MS, they are also found in lots of other conditions so I’m afraid there’s just no way of knowing what’s going on until all the test results are in. With any luck it will be something that’s treatable like a vitamin deficiency though.

The not knowing and waiting what seems like endlessly is incredibly frustrating, but you’re hopefully nearing the finish line now since you’ve already had the MRI.

Hang in there!

Karen x

Hi, I’m chipping in here as in a similar situation but not even had any tests yet.

For the past year, I have been experiencing a number of symptoms including tingling, numbness, pins and needles, spasms, temors, joint pain, confusion, extreme fatigue. The extent of the difficulties varies from day to day but the tingling is pretty much always here. Blood tests have come back fine. My GP told me that there is no physical explanation for such a variety of symptoms - she has said that I’m tired because I have a two year old and otherwise neurotic. She prescribes amitriptyline which reduces the tingling but I hate taking it as I get nightmares on it. I feel like a 80 year old in a 37 year old body, I don’t feel I can do anything and feel so depressed about it all.

Hi anon. I think most GPs are very reluctant to get drawn into a conversation about MS and other such complex conditions.

In my early days, she referred me to a neuro who suggested I could have MS.

Every time she discussed his reports with me, she very carefully said, You did ask about MS, didnt you? I felt she wanted to make it clear that this wasn`t her idea.

It is good to know you are being tested.

You could have MS, but you could also have a number of other things.

luv Pollx

Hi, I think your GP should be referring you to a hospital specialist in neurology.

Amitriptyline is a common drug used for nerve pain. i have been on it for 13 years.

Initially it gave me wonderful 12 hour sleep! I didnt have nightmares though.

If you could get to see a neuro, you may get put on a different drug to help you.

Ask for that referral, yeh?

luv Pollx

Thanks Poll, I have asked and she said she’d write a referral. After about two months, no appt had came through so I phoned the neurology dept and found out no referral had been made. I then phoned the GP practice and they confirmed that it was in my notes to write a referral and it hasn’t been done. The GP is phoning me tomorrow to discuss. I’m pretty cross…things have gotten worse over the past two months and I’ve just been waiting on that appt to come through.

I just feel like I need some explanation for all this. Yesterday someone asked if I was pregnant, due to the weight gain (as I can’t do anything) and various pains which make moving around difficult. Obviously I was mortified.