Next move?

Hi there

I have been having neurological symptoms gradually getting worse/new symptoms since February 2019. All my mris and my lumbar puncture have been clear but some have said my mris should have been with contrast. Can anyone advise on this please, as at present I am facing a future living on naproxen, stemitil and co codamol, and not getting much warning before needing the loo, as well as loss of sensation down below. I’m only 47 but feel alot older :frowning:

Hi Rachel, please see the post above where I have replied.

I was your age wen I had to take ill health retirement. I’m 68 now and still enjoy life. Life with MS is different but do-able for most folk.

Take care chick.

love Boudsx

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Oh bless you. That’s a long time to battle for a diagnosis x

Hi Rachel

ask your doctor/neuro if a MRI with contrast would be possible, to put your mind at rest.

as for bladder issues, pre covid I would have said to see someone from the bladder and bowel clinic but nothing is straightforward these days,

You could ask your GP to prescribe Betmiga/Mirabegron as it does help.

ISC (Intermittent Self Catheterisation) is useful too,

Discuss with your GP.

Good luck xx

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Thank you CatwomanCarole58. I am not really concerned. My real concerns were a tumour or something sinister, and that has been checked. The bladder issues seem to come and go at random so I will see how that goes. The neuro discharged me when all my tests were clear so I only have my gp now, who is excellent and listens I have to say. He really cares and has even rung me from home to check on me.

Hi Rachel

If you haven’t already, start a diary with details of what happens to you and when. I started mine in October 2011. In the beginning I tracked everything that happened to my body, from bladder and bowel issues, to pain, numbness, mood, etc. It doesn’t take long before it becomes a normal part of your day. (I had already been diagnosed with MS for several years by then, so slightly different situation, but it is still a good thing to do!)

At least then, you’ll have some records to refer back to when you see doctors and/or bowel & bladder nurse. Get your GP to refer you to the local bowel and bladder service. Even if things are settling down now, it’s worth being on their radar.

Best of luck.


Thank you Sue. I use an app called Daylio to track what happens and when. I did mention to my gp that I didn’t get much warning for the loo, and he sent me for another brain mri