Hi guys

new to this site try being brief as i can:-

Hi im now 26yrs old and first started having symptoms 4yrs ago rangang from pins and needles, bladder problems spasms and many more lol!went back and forth drs for him to tell me take pain killers theres nothing wrong!got to point last feb couldnt cope anymore and was really depressed was suggested to change drs which i did. within the month they told me it could be MS and referred to nerologist. THey referred me for various tests ie MRI which i couldnt have as ihad just found out i was pregnant (had been trying for 7yrs).MRI was put on hold till i was 20weeks, had scan and seen neurologist last september who confirmed it was MS :-(. by this point i was 6months pregnant which was going well however my symptoms had got so bad i was in wheel chair and unable to walk due to loss of feelings in my legs and horrendous pain. I had a georgeous lil girl in january this year. she gives me the reason to get up in the mornings and to fight this disease. soon after i started pain relief and a high dose of steriods. my fatique started improving, i seen a urologist who prescirbed me bladder medication. I have an awesome ms nurse who referred me to various specialist like physiotherapists. I have physio everyweek they have helped me walk 50yards now. I am also starting to use my left arm which i havent been able to feel for the last 2yrs.

I wouldnt wish MS on my worst ememy. when i found out it could be MS i was relived but always devastated i thought my life had ended. I am so grateful to my daughter who has given me the strength and will power to get through this. THere is help and hope out there for us all with help of specialist units i just hope they found a cure for us all one day.

hi pc

welcome to the forum and congratulations on your baby girl.

i also thank the NHS for all the help i have had - physio, occupational therapist, bladder nurse (my life saver!)

are you taking any of the DMD’s?

carole x

Hello and welcome :slight_smile:

So sorry that you had to put up with everything so long because of some stupid GP :frowning: The ignorance of neurology of some GPs makes me so mad!

It’s great to hear that you’re making progress now though. Long may it continue :slight_smile:

Karen x

hi ladies

thank you for the welcoming and congrats from you both

carole- yes ive started copaxone 2 weeks ago how about you?

karen- from reading posts on here im not the only one by the looks whose suffered a while due to the GPS lack of knowledge they need to sort it out

pen xx