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Hi Karen, Welcome to the Forum. Are you waiting for a diagnosis or have you already been diagnosed? What’s on your mind? Regards, Anthony

I have had a diagnosis of MS and told by the consultant that he would see me in a year , nothing else not sure whats going on and I’m not sure if the symptoms i am experiencing are MS or just my age as I have been told pre diagnosis by my GP,

Welcome to the forum, Karen and Nathar.

Get yourselves comfy, pull up a chair, feel free to post questions, thoughts, worries, or just comments. Those of us who’ve been here a bit longer do try to answer posts. And you’ll find not only the more experienced old timers will share experiences, but your fellow newbies too.

MS is a complete bugger. You have my sympathy for finding it necessary to find us.


Sue thank you for taking the time to reply, can I just ask at what stage did you get an MS nurse referral please, I’m just floundering around at the moment not knowing what to do or what to go to the GP with.

Im carrying on working at the mo but its getting difficult due to the symptoms which keep happening and don’t really want to say to much to my boss without a proper explanation

thanks for your time Karen

Hi Karen

sorry to jump on your post but I wanted to share my experience with you.

I am heading towards diagnosis in April following a year of tests, MRI, LP etc. I have an appt with my neuro early April. I last saw him in October last year and from tgat appt was referred to the MS nurse service. Since then I have seen her twice and I am due to see her again after my next neuro appt. In the meantime I have a number I can call to leave a message for them, they always call back, if I have any concerns or questions about anything MS related.

I appreciate not all parts of the country operate the same, maybe call your neuros secretary and ask about referral to the MS nurse service they really are worth there weight in gold if you get a good one.

Good luck


Hi Karen

My experience is likely to be very different to yours as my MS is 22 years old. So way back then, there were no MS nurses.

Mels experience is much more relevant to you I should think.

Have you recently been diagnosed? Or are you in the process of being tested for MS?

Mel is quite right that all areas of the country differ in their provision of all services relevant to MS. Everyone should have access to an MS nurse from the point of diagnosis if not before. Some will have a home visiting MS nurse and others have to attend appointments at the hospital.

Phoning your neurologists secretary is a good idea, s/he should be able to give you the contact details of your nurse service.


Thank you Mel and Sue as far as I know I have a diagnosis of MS but nothing else I’ll phone the secretary as you suggest and ask for any help they can give me . Karen

Ha, we’re Mel and Sue! How are you at baking Mel?


Ha ha, Mel and Sue so funny and I’m not a baker!..


That’s Ok, I’m an eater rather than a baker.


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