Hello and thank you!

Hello All,

I have been reading the forum for many months; felt like I was a spy, reading but not posting.

Started to reply to a few posts, if I thought I could be of help to anyone.

I haven’t introduced myself before.

Was diagnosed late last year and I must say that you have all helped me enormously, without even knowing.

I have learnt so much from u all; benefits advice,vitamin supps, work etc etc.

So hello and thank you!

From another Clare… there appears to be quite a few of us recently!


Hello and welcome Clare,

So you’ve been spying on us all have you, well I’m pleased that it has helped you and hope you will now keep contributing to the forum.




Hi Clare

Welcome, I am sure you will find that there are people on here that are an absolute minefield of information and advice, and we all try hard to support each other.

Paula xx

Hi Clare and welcome.

I think many of us whether we’re diagnosed or undiagnosed have been guilty of watching the forum before plucking the courage to introduce -I know I did.

The people are a great bunch and there’s a wealth of advice so I hope you continue to find it useful and feel supported.



Hi Clare,

I watched for a long time before posting. I am undiagnosed and have even been told several times I do not have MS. But I have lots of symptoms and they havent ‘gone away’ as one neuro said they would LOL!

I look at the forum regularly and have only really just started posting and replying.

Everyone on here is SO helpful and understanding, even for us in limboland!

Good luck


Welcome to this wonderful support forum - there are loads of lovely, caring people on here.

I’m sorry you have to be here but since you do I’m glad you are if that makes any sense whatsoever



Karen x

Hi everyone, I have been feeling dizzy, and the room spinning round. Also has anyone had memory loss, or slow reactions? This may sound silly, but I have had to listen more to people to understand what they are saying.

I have been off work 9mths, I work as a Nursery Nurse, my job is very full on, and you have to have your wits about you. Last summer I started to feel unwell, just put it down to long hrs and stressful life. November was the start of my illness, some days are fine I can do jobs etc…Other days I can be in bed for hrs, and I cant do anything. Would like to talk with someone who is expreiencing the same.


Hi claire and welcome. Just jump in. I did, lol

I am one who loves the factual info I can get from this site and it’s members.

It’s been so helpful for me many-a-time.

I am sure you have plenty to offer to this site :slight_smile:

I’ld like to give a big thank you aswell to everyone for some invaluable advice and great support over the last few weeks.

I’ve managed to get rid of my bladder infection (thanks Elle) and feel so much better.

Thanks very much,

Adrian :slight_smile: x

Thanks all for your welcome messages.

Janet…sorry i cant answer your question but am sure if you start a new post, someone else will be able to help.